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2 Day Getaway at Banana Beach Resort
Banana Beach Pool

2 Day Getaway at Banana Beach Resort

You know it’s a tough day when your biggest decisions are scrambled or over easy and what time to get a massage – not 🙂

Our 2 day getaway at Banana Beach Resort was perfect.  There are many fabulous Belize resorts on the island and Banana Beach is fantastic.

– Everything we ordered from El Divino Restaurant was delicious and getting it delivered right to our door  was  heaven.

– As always the staff at Banana Beach and El Divino were fantastic. If you are looking for a Belize resort that makes you feel at home, look no further. Check out the deals here

– We crossed paths some really cool guests on our stay. Met Mike from Ohio while watching the sunrise and got chatting about the Belize basketball players that just went to Akron for the big tournament sponsored by  Lebron James (SJC Junior Baller Gets A Big Opportunity – Belize Junior team that went to the King James AAU tournament in Akron, Ohio. – Channel 7 Daily News) Chatted with CC while enjoying mid morning beach time and made friends with two couples by the pool. We also  ran into some familiar faces – Buddha and his wife who are repeat visitors, also enjoying their stay at Banana.

I will leave you with a link to our second 24h at Banana Beach and feedback from my friend Dick’s mom about their stay at the resort. Janet, John, Dick’s uncle Walker and aunt Barb all stayed there at the same time.

My report for that is that it was great –  We had ground floor corner rooms  both suites,  in your pictures by the pool looking from the ocean to the other end, we had the 2 corner ones on the back end left side. We shared the table by the pool and always did breakfast together there. We liked that we were able to able to make meals and eat by pool or eat at the restaurant.

Please excuse the take out containers in my pictures but room service was a treat we could not resist.


  1. Ruthie & Chunk

    Looks like you had a great time. Hope it helped you rest up and that you are feeling better!

  2. sweet digs! wow, ocean view and EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Totally sweet digs Imagine – we loved it and did not want to leave.

  4. We had a fantastic time Ruthie and while I am feeling better, it made me realize how out of balance my body thermostat is and that I need more time off ha ha.

  5. Wow, the food looked amazing! Glad you had a nice “island getaway”, Laurie!

  6. Everything we ordered was Fantastic Emily.

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