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Badih “Bob” Bounahra: 2011 WSOP November Nine

Minutes to go before the final tournament starts. ESPN is here filming for 3 days, making 2011 Independence day extra exciting. The crew traveled to Belize to film Bob Bounahra at his Princess poker room in Belize City. The footage will be used in the upcoming coverage of the WSOP Main Event Final Table in November. This afternoon Bob showed them some of the highlights of our beautiful country, including a golf cart tour of Ambergris Caye, snorkeling at  Hol Chan Marine Reserve and sunset at Goff’s Caye. The ESPN boys will visit Altun Ha tomorrow then drive to Placencia.

Yesterday over 100 entrants competed in the freeroll poker tournament for a prize pool of 15,000 and a chance to win a seat at the final table tonight where the top 5 players of the 10 will cash.

Bob Bounahra Player Profile
Originally from Lebanon Bob lives in Belize and owns the poker room at the Princess Casino in Belize City.
Bob Bounahra first player from Belize to make the final table of the 2011 WSOP Main Event.
Bounahra is entering the final nine in the sixth position with 19,700,000 in chips.

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Congratulations to Karl Bickwoad of Belize City who won the Belize Independence day free roll poker tournament. Shout out to all the poker players from San Pedro who flew in for the tournament and Tropic Air for their $21 independence day seat sale.

Pictures of the Princess Resort and Casino, Independence day pics from San Pedro and Belize City and airplane video,  all coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Badih “Bob” Bounahra: 2011 WSOP November Nine

  1. tacogirl says:

    You forgot to add free food and drink to your reasons to play AL 🙂 Not only did they have the standard poker room menu, they did an additional spread of Indian food spread one night and Lebanese food the next.

  2. al salter says:

    Poker: Reasons to play:
    ?Can make a lot of money
    Reasons not to play:
    ?Can lose a lot of money
    ?Immoral way to make money
    ?Losses can lead to depression
    ?Waste of time
    Any comment Laurie? (he said baiting her)

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