San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Back road

I walked 2.03 miles today. That works out to regular 7148 steps, 1409 of those steps qualifying me for 12 minutes of aerobic activity because my journey to the school for the advisory board meeting was a bit stop and start.

Just as I was packing up to leave SweetJane and Bruce called to stop by for a visit. Perfect timing on their part as they just caught me, and lucky I was ready over an hour early so I could easily put one of my stops to the way home and enjoy a visit. They did not stay too long, we made plans to meet up at Wet Willy’s tomorrow night.

I decided I was going to walk along the back road so I could take some pictures, some for myself and some for a friend. It was sunny and very hot, as I walked along I could imagine how lizards feel some days. I like walking the back way it feels like a secret route and there is usually not much traffic. I found it hard to get the right shots that really describe what I see when walking that way, but I managed to a couple.

I turned off to go back to middle street around Dready’s Coco Loco, so I could snap a picture of the new Warumguma restaurant, although I have not eaten there yet but I am guessing it is the same people as the ones right down the road from us, They make Big Burritos and really tasty Shrimp Ceviche.

The advisory board meeting went well. The school is working on putting a fire plan in progress. They are setting up first aid training for the teachers, this is very important because a couple of the kids have seizures so they need to know how to handle it. So far there are 416 students registers that is a jump from last year because they are adding in 5 new grades and have done enough work to make a full primary school up to standard 6. It aways amazes me how much is being accomplished every time I go up there.

On the way home I took the beach into town, the water was really nice. I made a stop at Dick and Carole’s place to see what has changed since they left, the landlady is adding some nice green accents to the building. Last stop on the way home was Transylvania tech to get a dvd copied. When I got home Paul was watching a movie and I quickly got caught.

Walking along the back road heading north

Warguma has new digs to the north for people staying that out way

River along my walk north

Bags of new uniforms for upcoming School year

Walking home along the Beach


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