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Artist’s open studio

Excited to go to the open studio this afternoon – I am going to bring my coloring books to work on and I have my cut and paste wish book to show – Courtney just came by to hang out a bit beforehand.

Open Studio was great – will write more later off to get breaded shrimp and fried rice.

Today I chose to color in my snoopy book, I really need to get more glue stick so I can work on some other crafts. After coloring I decided to look at my wish book again and see what has come to pass since I made it (which is about 3 or so years ago)

As I looked through my book I came across some of the stickers I had put in there regarding work and what I wanted it to include these ones hit home… An occasional celebration – Being outdoors – Relaxed atmosphere – Creative and enjoyable. I would say I have found all that through blogging in San Pedro.

Some of the other things I pasted in there stood out to me right now as much as they did when I put them there…

A pleasant surprise is in store for you – fortune cookie message

Get back to basics – Get your hands dirty -Take a Trip – Open your mind

Work smarter not harder.

Making a difference often happens in the smallest ways.

They say nothing is new under the sun – and perhaps they are right. But the combinations of existing elements are infinite. Take your creativity to infinity.

Let your imagination run free – the possibilities run deep.

Connect with your body – connect with yourself.

Some of our greatest riches are not earned they are a pure gift of nature.

Cool cart

Open Studio

My coloring

Fan Palm

Hanging out

2 thoughts on “Artist’s open studio

  1. tacogirl says:

    All statements I found ready made (many from paper sample books)and used for cut and paste to make my book. It was a good time to reread them and think about where I am now. There were a few more people that I did not get on film. Will keep you posted on future open studios.

  2. Anonymous says:

    COOL can’t wait to be able to check it out myself.
    Glad to see that alot of people showed up.
    Some very profound thoughts and statements Tacogirl.
    Keep us posted on other studio dates and the stuff being worked on.

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