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Apprentice Season 8

Been watching season 8 Apprentice on Cast tv. I like it because there are no commercials. It was a bit tricky to get it going as some sites like hulu will not let you view from Belize but one you get the hang of it it is easy. Paul decided to try the paypal option for 1 month at mega video so we can watch without timing out and it was worth it. Another site that we found helpful in combination with Cat tv was Illimitux – it helps you remove limitations from streaming platforms.

The cast is really cool this season. Men’s team – Jesse G. James Entrepreneur / TV star – Clint Black Country singer – Herschel Walker Former football player – Brian McKnight R&B singer – Dennis Rodman Former basketball player – Tom Green Comedian – Scott Hamilton Figure skater – Andrew “Dice” Clay Comedian Women’s team – Joan Rivers Comedian – Annie Duke Poker player – Brande Roderick Playboy Playmate – Melissa Rivers TV host / producer – Natalie Gulbis Golf professional – Khloe Kardashian Reality TV star – Tionne Watkins R&B singer, TLC

I have to admit I am not crazy for Trump but I can see why he is a good role model to some people. I love the challenges and seeing each teams creative process as they bring their ideas to life and who kicks @ss for marketing themselves the best -brand identity – overall design – originality and presentation.

Women picked team Athena – Goddess of beauty wisdom and disciplined side of war. Men Kotu – Kings of the universe. Andrew dice came up with the name because everyone on their team was a champion in their field. Trump said women did a better job with their name. Overall Team Athena was winning by a landslide but Kotu is coming back and showing they have game.

Denis Rodman was a bit sad to see – especially after watching his progress on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. Very interesting watching how the group dynamics change as the show goes along – a few people switched from big I to little i as far as ego and listening to others is concerned.

Giving myself a pat on the back – I finally made it back to Aquafit classes yesterday. It was great to see everyone and being away made me realize just how much I missed going to class and seeing everyone. It is no surprise why Maureen has kept the most active longest running class all this time – guaranteed results [body and mind] and laughter keep us all coming back for more.

Sending a big Big shout out from Maureen to her friend Hans. She was really pleased to hear from you recently.

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  1. tacogirl says:

    I do – I am down to the last available episode and there are 5 people left soon to be 2 – If I do not hear from you mystery or anyone else by the time I am done like it will be Google for the answer.

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