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Appetizers Cook Off Results

Today is a catch up day for a couple of Saga Humane Society things that needed to get posted. First off  Ann sent in her Brandi Mermaid and Sushi on Ambergris Caye post so you could all see  a picture of Nyotaimori – Brandi covered in Sushi Sharon’s sushi creations at the the last Saga cook off. Next comes Coleen’s email update on the cook off….

Saga Humane Society says Thank You!

Saga Humane Society would like to thank everyone for their generous support with our monthly cook-off which was held on May 18th at the Tackle Box Bar & Grill. We raised over $1,000 BZ through tickets, donations and raffle ticket sales. We want to thank those who entered their Appetizers dishes. We had 14 entries this month, so we recognized the top 5 entries. First place went to Sharon “Sushi” Metcalf with her Pork Dumplings. Second place went to Letti Hernandez (Sponsorship by Kate Vincent) for her Chicken Quesadilla w/Mango Sauce. Third place was Blackened Scallops made by Jimmy & Crystal Dean. Fourth place was Seafood Cakes by Sharon ‘Sushi’ Metcalfe. Fifth place was Pork Rolls with Hoisin Sauce made by Laura Sutton. The other entries were: Garlic Cheese Log- Coleen Creeden, Peanut Butter Wings- Ingrid Lima, Chicken/Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos- George Seikert, Deviled Eggs – Tackle Box, Spicy cheese Stuffed jalapenos- Kevin – Tackle Box, Zucchini Cheesy/Garlic Appetizer- Rene Steinmetz, Candied Apple Blossoms- Sharon ‘Sushi’ Metcalfe, Veggie/Onion Dip- Ari Trejo, Toucan Crackers with Herbed Cream Cheese- Nancy Adams. Congratulations to the winners and all our entries. A very special Thank you to Brandi the Mermaid for lending her talents to the event. There were three raffles for the night. The first raffle went to Dave Dalling- Lunch for (2) ($75.00) – Tackle Box. The second raffle went to Zach (a.k.a. Henry Zacharis)- (3) Custom Prints – Matted & Framed. The third raffle was a Limited Edition Tackle Box Polo Shirt for Terry Warner. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters! We cannot do it without your support.

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