San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Anyone up Yet?

It’s early, 5:30 am and I am sure Bill is awake ha ha he will be here in what seems like no time to pick me up to go fishing with Maya and Peter Graniel as our captain. I need to get a bag packed but I figured I would try to squeeze in a few minutes iced coffee time first.

Paul cannot come fishing because of a big meeting later with the SPBA and the Prime Minister and he needs to make sure he is on time. I was informed last night that I should be there as well so I will ask the boat to drop me off at Banana Beach and hopefully get there before 1 pm otherwise I might have to wait to enter.

Sky is getting light I better pick up the pace. Count down is on about 20 min to Bill and I managed to sort myself out and find a dress for later. Just found Dita in chat always nice to chat someone in the morning.

Bill was right on time and we enjoyed johnny cakes and coffee on the balcony at Xanadu. Dcg joined us for a bit to say goodbye.

Heading out from our second fishing spot and hit a small patch of rain. Our cooler is filling up fast with red snapper and yellow tail. Twice Bill was reeling snapper in and a big barracuda decided to have a free lunch.

Between the 3 of us we caught about 65 fish today including a few grunts and a puffer fish that did not come home with us.

7:23 pm I so need a nap but it is just not in the cards right now as I will quickly be super glued to the couch. Heading to Pedro’s in about 1/2 h.

View from balcony at Xanadu

Peter Graniel’s boat

Maya – Bill

Fabulous day on the water

Great day to fish

Break time – heading to a new spot

First stop’s catch

Peter Graniel – great captain

Living the dream

Bill – Maya

Taking hook out


Big Barracuda ate 2 of Bills fish while he was reeling them in

Catch from 3 fishing spots

Cleaning the fish

I got dropped off at Banana Beach

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