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Another Colorful Year – Celebrating Belize’s 38th Independence

By the time the Independence parade started, I was all celebrated out. Being a town girl, (I live near the Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena) I caught the whole party night before, and it was a long one this year. I still heard it at 5:00 am. As noisy as it was, I did enjoy laying in bed listening to DJ Debbie and Trinidad and Tobago singer Olantiunji and Dee Jav, from Chetumal Mexico.

Of course, I woke up and popped outside to take a few pics of my favorite part of the evening party. The ringing in of Independence Day with midnight fireworks.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

Countrywide Facebook has been lit up with fireworks and the colorful, spirited Independence celebrations.

This year I ended up making plans with my friend Carlene to watch the parade. She had never seen it before, so that was perfect as it gave me some extra motivation. I could have easily bailed this year, and unfortunately many did as this year’s parade was on the low side for float attendance.

No matter how big or small the parade is, it’s always exciting to see everyone’s designs. So much work goes into costumes and carts. I love watching them walk/drive the “runway” through town. It is always a hot, sweaty fun, tasty experience. This year was no different.

After checking the parade schedule, we decided to hit an aquafit workout first. Our class was all betting that the pararde would be a late start and we agreed come what may that we would be satisfied with whatever we saw.

As it turns out we had divine timing and managed to catch it all in with a quick refresher at my apartment first.

As we hustled down the street, it was eerily quiet. This was a telltale sign to me that this year’s parade was not going to be as big. Also that it was hotter than two goats in a pepper patch – people were not coming out in the sun till the siren started. We decided to walk a loop and head up Front Street a bit. When we headed back towards Middle Street we saw people had started to line the streets in anticipation, with many watching from second-story verandas above.

This year they started the parade with something different. A drag race between a pushcart and a tricycle cart. Just kidding 😀

Middle Street downtown San Pedro Belize

Right after the traffic above cleared out, the sound of the firetruck siren signaled the parade was drawing closer. It was also very much on Belize time. The 10 am scheduled start was really around 12:00 pm.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

Belize umbrella sales went up this month. Miss San Pedro was looking glamorous under her patriotic-themed shade.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

I took this next shot because I liked the height. Often floats have people standing at various levels and giant speaker towers.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

The San Pedro Tour Operators group had a great environmentally friendly walking float with a beautiful mural about protection.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

Of course, there were glitzy costumes too but sadly, fewer groups this year than past years. There was also less candy thrown too.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

Town streets packed up fast with people as soon as the parade started.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

Who doesn’t love some cultural Garifuna drumming and pretty girls passing by?

Garifuna drummers on a parade float

This mother and daughter combo look like rock-stars in their festively decorated cart.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

It was hot, hot hot. I do not know how the paraders do it year after year. This years parade route was extra long, as they finished in Boca Del Rio park instead of the town park.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

One man float proudly displaying his Belize Flags. Notice the socializing going on behind him as spectators got talking to paraders and slowed down the works.

Belize flags on a red motorcycle

More colorful costumes.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

Proudly displaying a big Belize flag

Sandy Toes beach bar parade group San Pedro

This ABC preschooler was enjoying a nap with his costumed chihuahua by his side.

Parade float  ABC Preschool Ambergris Caye

Of course, by the end, we were hungry and decided to track down some weekend street barbecue on the sidestreet running west of the clock tower. They are set up in a vacant lot.

Barbecue chicken downtown San Pedro

Chicken pork ribs and pork chops with coleslaw, rice, and beans or flour tortilla and beans. This time I went for some salsa fresca added with my ribs as well.

Street food San Pedro Belize Barbecue by tacogirl blog

I’m leaving you with one last fireworks shot.

Take a moment to be grateful for all the independence you have in your life. Thank you to all who stepped up for the 2019 Independence Day Jump Up Parade. I had a great time watching all of you pass by.

38th Independence Day Celebrations Belize

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