Dock at Truck Stop Ambergris Caye

An Afternoon at the Cottage

I fondly remember trips to my cousin’s cottage as a kid and later as a young adult, when we got to go without our parents. Hanging out for an afternoon at the cottage on the lake was always relaxing and fun.

As I sat on the Truck Stop dock this past Sunday, staring at the water that same wonderful cottage feeling washed over me. I felt a million miles away from everything except my present company and the plate of the pig roast in front of me.

It had all started because my friend Jack FB messaged me early that day asking if I was up for pig roast. Of course, I was and mentioned I was going to bring one of my blog readers along. She had just hit town and had asked if she could take me to lunch or dinner.

We made plans to meet Jane at the Palapa Bar and Grill to do a pop in for one time expat Linda Carter’s (aka Wonder Woman) surprise party. We hung out a short bit and got to introduce Jane to a bunch of our friends. Thankfully when we were ready to go, local expats, Mickey and Ed offered us a ride and went above and beyond their destination to drop us off at ours.

We oinked out, listened to some great live music and settled in for hours of great conversation by the water.

On the walk home, our new friend Jane got to see just how “Sesame Street” the island really is and experience first hand why something like a simple trip to the store could take you 3 hours, depending on who you ran into that day. We stopped and chatted with many people along the way and of course, Jack made friends with a gorgeous and very smart Dobie as you will see in the pictures below.

By the time we made it back to town, it was dark and we were soon ready to part ways.

I figured since Jack had to come to get his bike Jane may as well take a minute to come to check out my apartment – I have always enjoyed seeing where locals live when I’m traveling.

Jack dashed off as he was heading to the Paradise Theater to catch the 9:00 pm showing of Star Wars. After showing Jane around, I walked her back to Middle street so she could get a cab back to Victoria House. I stopped for $1 tostadas on the way home. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Truck stop restaurant Ambergris Caye
The reason my friend Jack wanted to go to the truck stop Oink plate
Truck stop Ambergris Caye Restaurant
Sundays are very popular at the Truck Stop
Live music on Ambergris Caye
Josh singing a short song on his Birthday
Lagoon side of Ambergris Belize
Sunny Sunday afternoon at “the cottage”
Wildlife in Belize
We watched fish off and on all afternoon
Birding in Belize
We also enjoyed some bird watching
Dock at Truck Stop restaurant Ambergris Caye
And lots of people watching
Corn hole tournament at the truck stop
Truck Stop has a fun corn hole tournament every Sunday run by Joe Chung
Lagoon side of Ambergris
Enjoying the tranquil view
Truck Stop Ambergris Caye
Jane, Jack and I sat by the water and talked for hours
Belize sunset on the lagoon
When the sun started to set we decided it was time to head back to town
Truck Stop North Ambergris Caye
Playing around with my camera and snapping artsy pics before heading south
Beach path on Ambergris Caye
We decided to walk back to town along the beach
Making friends on Ambergris Caye
One of our many Sesame Street stops along the way home
Night picture of Palapa Bar Belize
Palapa bar where we started our adventure from at Wonder Woman’s surprise birthday party
Listening to live music at Fido's Belize
Last pit stop was a short one at Fido’s
Local Belizean food restaurant
My last stop after Jack and Jane had left was for some $1 tostadas on the way home

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