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San Pedro Belize Wish Lists

Wish lists are a big part of living here. There are several organizations around Ambergris Caye in need of donations to help them provide much needed services to the community. I have listed their needs below and am hoping that a few puzzle pieces fall together as a result of putting this out there.

If you know of a good organization in Belize that has a wish list and would like help getting it out there for people to see please make contact with me. [ I missed the San Pedro Library this time but someone please send a list for them – also thinking Mary Open Doors and Liberty Children’s Home.

Mama Vilma’s

Cash donations, furnishings for the home, clothes, vitamins and volunteers.

Contact persons are Eve 623-9962
Shelly 651-3533
Cheryl 625-5366

Ambergris Caye Belize

Ambergris Caye Belize


Direct Abundance

Six empty 55 gallon blue drums to start composting toilet initiative, Volunteers, people willing to help fundraise, anyone knowledgeable on eco friendly waste management, detoxifying soil, waste water gardens, solar and wind, water purification.

travel Belize

Be Kind Belize

School and academic materials such as writing books, pencils, erasers, crayons, coloured pens, scissors, glue, rulers, calculators, school bags.

Fun prizes – animal themed, stuffed animals, environmentally friendly toys, deflated footballs (soccer balls), jigsaw puzzles.

Big prizes – sponsorship for bigger prizes such as bicycles and gift certificates from stores.

Office – HP No. 27 Printer cartridges, printing paper, staples.

Please note that all prizes are earned.


Belize Beach

SAGA Humane Society

* Items listed in blue  type are urgently needed!


* clavamox

* doxycycline

* ketoconazole

* otomax

* ophthalmics – BNP, Neo-Poly-Dex

* Baytril/enrofloxacin tablets & injectable

* Clavamox

* Clindamycin

* Metacam or * Rimadyl injectable

* Metacam liquid

* Vitamin K capsules & injectable

* Albon

* Primor/Trimethoprim-sulfa

* Ivermectin

* Heartguard

* Praziquantal/Droncit

* Benadryl/diphenhydramine

* Ear medications, ear oitnment (Otibiotic)

* Enalapril

* Lasix/furosemide

Please Note: we are required to obtain an import permit for donations of meds brought from abroad, so please contact us at to coordinate so we can obtain this permit for you. If the med you want to donate does not appear on the list above, please contact us at to find out if we can use it, so you don’t waste your time! Thank you for your support.


* IDEXX VetLyte Electrolyte Analyzer (new or good used condition)


* Suture – 2-0 or 3-0 PDS or Monocryl w/ cutting needle -these sizes ONLY pls

* Surgical instrument cleaner and lubricant

* Surgical instrument marking tape or rings

* Sterile surgical gloves size 6 1/2 and 7

* Laryngoscope and cuffed animal endotracheal tubes


* stainless steel food and water bowls

* collars **

* leashes **

* cat and dog toys and treats

* dog beds

* blankets

* towels

* flea control products, especially Promeris

** Check out Paws-Claws Reflective Dog Collars & Leashes, $72 for box of 72 on!

Misc Suplies:

*Ink for printer – HP 21 black, HP 22 tri color – printer is a deskjet D1360

*Supplies for Fundraising – Colored Markers – all colors & different point sizes, Paint Brushes – different sizes, Artist Paints, Rubber Stamps & Ink Pads.

Dream Items:

*golf cart with fold down rear seat (turns into flat bed to hold cages) for rescue runs, emergencies

*Two new desktop computers.

*Small Laser Printer & Extra Print Cartridges

Belize Aids comission

Tropical Beach

AIDS Commission

Condoms!!!! Anyone out there connected to a condom company or know someone who is and can get the Belize Aids Commission a large donation? Willing to promote the company here.

San Pedro

Belize Beach

Holy Cross Anglican School

Holy Cross School has need for the following supplies. Any donations, small or large, will be most gratefully received.

Note: Please contact the school at to let us know you-re when you-re coming, and to ask about any specific, one-time needs that the school has. We look forward to seeing you.

Computer Supplies: Updated March, 2011

* Qty1 Coolmax PS-228 Power Tester – LCD Display, 6&8 pin PCIE (item No. T13-2028) $19.99

* Qty2 Patriot PEF16GUSB Xporter XT Boost USB Flash Drive – 16GB (item No. P33-7014) $29.99

* Qty1 working used laptop

* Qty(plural) cordless mic including transmitter

* Qty 500 DVD’s

* 1 hand held video camera for the school.

General Supplies

Rolls of clear contact paper

Scotch tape

Rolls of clear, wide packing tape

Heat activated laminating sheets – must be HEAT ACTIVATED

Permanent wide tipped markers – Black, Blue, Green, Brown – NO red

Dry Erase-board Markers & Erasers

Staple Guns and staples

hole punches – need 4

2 pocket folders

Index cards – small, medium and large

Bottles of Elmer’s glue

Batteries – ”, ‘AAA’, ‘C’ and ‘D’

Staplers for the teachers

Glue guns and glue sticks – need 6

Blackboard Erasers

Durable calculators

Page protectors

Coloring books

Art & Craft supplies

Foam sheets for craft projects

Foam stickers

Scissors – adult and child


Small presents we can use for rewards

Pretty pencils for rewards


Dustless White Chalk

Large Tupperware Containers for storage

Kitchen supplies [they serve 500 kids breakfast lunch and a fruit snack daily]

8 oz. plastic cups

Plastic plates (reusable).

Heavy-duty large pots & pans


Rain boots for children and adults

Rain Jackets for children and adults


T-shirts in red, blue, green and yellow for intra-school sports days – need 450. (contact us for ordering and quantity details).

Tennis shoes – adult sizes 1 to 9 

Costumes – story book characters, princesses, etc (not scary ones or monsters)

Library Books

Any books gratefully received. We particularly need non-fiction on the following topics:

• Plants

• Living and non living things

• Weather

• Simple machines

• Food chain

• Nutrition

• Transportation

• Global warming

• Land and air pollution

• Human body

• General Science

Ambergris Caye

Volunteer Belize


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