For those of you who like to know what they are getting into, here is a rough guide for Ambergris Caye Belize restaurants by price and location.

Restaurants are listed by 3 main areas, North, South, and Central. Pricing Scale: $ =10 BZD, $$ =25 BZD, $$$ =50 BZD, $$$$= Over 60 BZD. Please note that dollar signs could bump up or down slightly depending on your individual spending habits, for example, some people may have an appetizer and dessert with a meal, and some may like top-shelf cocktails which can add up.

North (of the bridge) Ambergris Caye

Pirates Treasure $$ – Known for lionfish and good cooking, great open air atmosphere. Read about the raves on Pirate’s Treasure food.
Crocs Sunset Sports Bar $$ – Great place to watch the sunset or catch some sports. Read Croc’s traveler reviews.
The Truck Stop $$ – Awesome open-air food court with pool, games, and firepit. They do many events including trivia and movie night. Read about Truck Stop fun.
Marbucks Coffee House $$ – Click through to see why people love Marbucks.
Bean Restaurant at Ak’Bol Eco Yoga Resort $$ – Enjoy a Yoga class and a healthy meal on the Caribbean sea. Read more reviews on their relaxing retreat.
Aji Tapas Bar Restaurant $$ – Great secluded open-air tapas restaurant with a chance at seeing crocodiles on your way in. Read Aji’s many excellent reviews.
Rain Restaurant $$$$ Great open-air rooftop atmosphere, perfect sunset spot for a nice dinner. Read what other travelers have to say about this popular rooftop terrace.
Aqua Restaurant $$$$ – Seafood and steak house and while it is still a new kid on the block, all their food and drink reviews are currently 5 stars.
Mambo Restaurant $$ – All bases covered including vegetarian and gluten-free. Read Mambo reviews.
Portofino Restaurant $$ – Great spot to get away up north for a nice ambient dinner. A few mixed reviews on this one, but I have enjoyed eating there a few times before.
The Green Parrot Beach bar $$ – I have enjoyed my favorite iced coffee frappes both at the bar and by the pool – yum. Link is to Portofino Resort, as Green Parrot does not have a reviews page.
Maruba Beach Klub – $$ Secret Beach restaurant. Click through to see pictures of their stylish food presentation.
Pirates Not So Secret Beach Bar & Grill $$ – Also located at Secret Beach and affiliated with the delicious Pirate’s Treasure above. Read what other,  not so secret beach bar-goers have to say.

Central (between the bridge and airport)

Wayo’s beach bar $$ – Everyone loves Wayo and his staff.  Reasonably priced bar food, beach view and ring hook game will keep you entertained for hours.
Hurricanes Ceviche Bar and Grill $$ – Well known restaurant on the beach that was barged to a new location and added onto. See what regulars and new patrons have to say about the new Hurricanes ceviche bar and grill.
Red Chilli’s $$ – If you want spicy Asian food then this is the place for you. Read how this San Pedro Restaurant hit the mark on heat.
Rio Bar & Grill $$ – Good spot to enjoy a burger on the beach and watch the world go by. Read other travelers thoughts about this laid back, covered open-air restaurant.
La Choza Bar & Grill $$ – Not a lot of reviews yet, but you can still see what people have to say about this newer beach bar.
Sandy Toes & Grill $$ – Popular covered open-air beachfront option with chairs in the water. See why people love Sandy Toes.
Playa Beach Bar & Grill $$ – If the DJ is in the house, you will hear it before you see it. Read what other people have to say about Playa beach bar and the food there.
Lola’s Pub $$ – Well known for its great staff, sports viewing and bar food. Click through to read what other people think of this popular downtown San Pedro sports bar.
Sandbar Hostel $$ – Popular pizza place with dockside lounging/service available. Read local and traveler reviews on Sandbar Beachfront Hostel and Restaurant.
Palapa Bar and Grill $$ – Try some of Scotts World famous hot sauce, float in the tubes and enjoy live music. Veg, vegan and gluten-free options are also available. See what the word is about Palapa Beach Bar and Grill.
Red Ginger $$$$ – Ambient indoor restaurant with a nice wine selection and good food. See why Red Ginger Restaurant is a favorite to many.
My Secret Deli $ – Known for cheap local food option. See local Belizean foods other people recommend from their menu.
Pirate Pizza $$ – I go here occasionally when I get a pepperoni pizza craving to get a couple of slices from their street stand. Click to read Pizza reviews.
Jambel Jerk Pit $$ – Located on the Beach side of Sunbreeze Suites. The menu can change here so you might find an unusual dish, but it is sure to be delicious. Checkout the reviews from others about Jambel’s Jerk Pit.
Lily’s Treasure Chest $$ – This popular San Pedro restaurant, is part of the Belize Food tour, has a rich family history and a reputation for great ceviche. Read what other people have to say about the popular beachfront San Pedro Restaurant.
Food Vendors in Central Park $ If you like seafood try Albertina’s shrimp tacos, if you don’t like seafood, get her fully loaded “Homer Simpson burger. Click through to see traveler reviews on more Restaurants in San Pedro.
Caramba $$ – Known for a wide selection of seafood, they are also one of a few that will cook your catch. Click through to see what’s being served up and what people like about Caramba restaurant
DandE’s Frozen Custard & Sorbet $ The best place on the island for frozen sweet treats. See why people worldwide give DandE’s Frozen Custard & Sorbet their vote.
Planets Pizza $$ By the slice, eat in or pizza delivery. Read what people had to say about Planets Pizza’s service.
Waruguma $$ – Known for their giant burritos, especially in lobster season. Click through to read what other local dishes Waruguma is popular for.
Briana’s Food Place $ – If you want cheap authentic Belize food this is a great option. See why Briana’s rates high for Local Belizean cooking
Elvi’s Kitchen $$$ – Another place rich with family history. Click for reviews of Elvi’s Kitchen.
Estel’s Dine by the Sea $$ – Best known for Breakfast on the beach and Charles incredible weekend barbecue. You will find no shortage of glowing reviews on Estel’s Restaurant.
Caliente Restaurant $$ – Popular beachfront restaurant. Unfortunately, last I ate there my food was a bit over salted so I can’t really give it a good review, however many other people liked Caliente restaurant and gave good reasons why.
Poco Loco Food Court $$ – Great place to find a self serve variety. Click through to see what makes Poco Loco air food court so popular.
Wahoo’s Lounge $$ – Home of the world famous chicken drop. Click and see if the chicken drop is up your alley, some say hot some say not.
Tex Mex $$ – One of San Pedo’s newest restaurants. Great Texas/Mexican food. No reviews yet but it’s definitely there. Latitudes Cafe $ – Sidestreet restaurant with an almost beachfront atmosphere. Click to see what travelers like about Latitudes Cafe.
El Patio $$ – Vegetarian options and known for poppers. See what other people have to say about this open-air locally owned restaurant.
Papuseria Salvadoreno $ – Known for low-cost local food. Read why this is the place to go for Pupusas. They definitely get my vote and I get chaya/spinach, cheese, and squash every time.
Juice Dive – $ Known for fresh and delicious cold-pressed juices and great vegetarian and gluten-free food options. Read why Juice Dive is a healthy hit.
Melt Cafe & Beach Bar $$ – Vegetarian and Vegan options as well as carnivorous options. Click through to see why Melt’s artisan grilled cheese sandwiches are so popular.
Celi’s Deli $ – Local Belizean food at a great price. See which local foods appeal to travelers.
Caprice Bar & Grill $$ – Enjoy a stylish covered open-air atmosphere. Read what other travelers have to say about Caprice Bar and Grill in the historical Holiday Hotel.
Hungry Grouper $$ – Check out my 7 Ambergris Caye Restaurants Secret Special Request Options to see what I love on Chef Argyle’s off-menu specials. See why Hungry Grouper is a favorite place to eat in San Pedro.

Neri’s Tacos $ – Low-cost local food. Read what makes Neri’s Tacos famous.
Carolines’ Cookin’ $$ – An island favorite catering to all tastes. See what people love about Caroline’s Cookin’.
El Fogon $$$ A great place for seeing traditional cooking in action and experiencing the flavors of Belize. Known for Belikin Beer fried chicken and Gibnut. Find out what “fire-hearth” cooking set peoples taste buds off.
Wild Mangos $$$ – Vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as great carnivorous options. Read what people like about this popular beachfront San Pedro Restaurant.
Belize Chocolate Company $$ Great place for a sweet treat. Find out why this artisan Belizean chocolate drives people wild.
Blue Water Grill $$$ – Great place for larger groups, rich with local and traveler history. Read reviews showing why Blue Water Grill gets repeat annual visitors.
Pineapples at Ramones $$$$ – Fancy presentation. Find out what people like about Pineapples restaurant at the famed Ramon’s Village Resort
D Kurry $$ – Our go to for authentic Indian food gets great reviews.
Paradice Cream $ – See what flavors people liked at Paradice Cream.

South (south of the airport)

Carlo and Ernies Runway Bar and Grill $$ – Great place to eat a burger, wait for arriving planes and watch sporting events.
Wine de Vine $$$ – Treat yourself to wine and tasty deli time, Friday nights are wine parties. Read why San Pedro wine bar and see why others like Wine de Vine.
Cook Inc $$ – Simple home cooking. See reviews on the popular San Pedro Restaurant.

Pepperoni’s Pizza $$ – Long time favorite to many. Now under new ownership. Click to see what people think of the well known San Pedro pizza restaurant.
My Place Steakhouse $$$ – Satisfy your hunger. See the reviews of the newish island steakhouse.
Black & White Garifuna Cultural Restaurant $$ – Enjoy a cultural moment on Ambergris Caye. Click through to read reviews on Black and White’s authentic Garifuna cooking and music.
Amber Bar & Grill $$$ – Nice place to people watch at the beach. Read what others think about the popular beach bar with good food and an “sarcastic” owner. 

Jambo Java Coffee $$ – Click to find out what people think of the “almost” Krispy Kreme fresh donut experience.
Kevin’s BBQ  $ – If you want barbecue this is one of the regular stands to go to. See what others think of roadside stop, he makes a great sauce.
Antojito’s San Telmo Restaurant $$ – Belizean family owned and operated with low cost authentic Belizean food.
The Baker $$ – Great place for breakfast snack-ables, pastries, bread and lunch.

South Station $$ – Fast becoming a known off-beach restaurant with an already popular food court flare. A fire pit makes for a nice setting.
Robins Kitchen $$ – Great local cooking, read why known for his jerk chicken and loved for his personality. Vegetarian-friendly.
La Divina Providencia $$ – Great open air off the beaten path place for local food.
Hidden Treasure $$$ – Off the beaten path with neighborhood ambiance. Fine dining at it’s best.

Palmilla Restaurant $$$$ – Great place for an upscale dinner at famed Victoria House Resort.
Admiral Nelson’s Bar $$$ – Relax and enjoy a drink and great bar food with a view. Click to see what makes this Victoria House bar an old favorite to many.
Jyoto Japanese Restaurant $$$ – Great sushi, great owner Chef Toshiya.
The Veranda at Mahogany Bay $$$$ – Great off the beaten path place for groups. Click through to see their fancy presentation.
Rum+Bean Cafe $ – Read what travelers have to say about this off the beaten path ambient Ambergris Caye coffee shop with delicious drinks and pastry. I have enjoyed a few chocolate banana iced coffees here always delicious.
Dirty Martini $$ – Off the beaten path small bar for food and drink. Click through to see how Diry Martini stacks up for cocktails.

Pirate South Beach Pub & Cafe $$ – Great beachfront option. Plenty of lounge space. See why people are planning a drive south and stopping at Pirates Beach Bar.
Black Orchid Restaurant & Lounge $$$ – Great food and great owners Judy Ann and Tom are wonderful people. Read reviews on why this open-air Ambergris Caye Restaurant is such a big hit.
Lone Star Grill & Cantina $$ – Tex Mex. A must do for chicken fried steak.
Wind Fire Kitchen and 3Sixty Rooftop Lounge $$ – Delicious food and tasty, creative cocktails. Find out what people like about this hot Ambergris Caye rooftop bar and restaurant with a 360 view. I went to the bar and restaurant at Playa de Sala Adult Resort for new years and had a really good meal with friends.
Someplace South $$ – Creative, funny name and it worked too aside from a few jokes and lots of laughs, it got some great reviews from the girls at my aquafit class.

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