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Almost Wanted

Had the craziest experience yesterday afternoon, I was taking a break from work and heard a knock at the door which is a very rare thing for us. I came out to see who was there and saw 3 policemen. I was very surprised and asked them in thinking it must have been something about the recent robbery in our area. They asked who lived at our house and I told them just my boyfriend and I.

I proceeded to get our passports so he could see proof of who I was and show who my boyfriend was. They asked where he was at the moment and I told them, next they said they were going to go see him and asked if they could take his passport to verify who he was. I said ok and as they walked out I was thinking I need to go get their names and number. Just as I was about to head downstairs to catch them, one of the men came back to the door and handed me his passport back and said that it was ok they did not need it.

I was calling tacoboy at the time to tell him that I was not totally sure why but the police were on their way. He could not talk as someone came to inquire about a room. Little did he know the people asking about the room were really FBI and someone had tipped them off that he fit the description of someone on their most wanted list and they had come from El Salvador to track him down.

The police arrived shortly and then it became clear that the 2 guys were not really checking in but checking him. It was agreed that tacoboy did not match the photo of the person in question and neither did the description that the person gave – living in the house 3 years, a total recluse and gets his groceries delivered – I wish. They were all very polite and apologized for everything and the FBI even drove him home and came back to tell me they were sorry for any inconvenience they may have caused.

Maureen and I went for street meat and DandE’s last night and I was telling her about our afternoon adventure. We both cracked up laughing wondering if they had him on surveillance and were watching him get a wedgie at Roadkill Bar Sunday night.

Putting up pics from the last few days. Sunday we went to Grand Caribe Resort to hang out at the pool bar and film another Morning Matters show. That was lots of fun, we had a good round table discussion this time between Rhonda, Maureen, Cowboy, Helda, Palapa Bar Scott and I. After our pool time and filming, we headed to Roadkill for some more fun and Gringo burgers.

My Morning Matters belize television
Tracy new camera man for Morning Matters
belize television
Rhonda, Maureen, Cowboy, Helda, Scott and I taken by Tracy
resorts with swim up bars grand caribe resort
Inside the pool bar taken by Maureen from the pool
ambergris caye belize
Convoy heading to town
belize bars
Next stop Roadkill bar for Gringo burgers

The next pictures are from yesterday when we went back to San Mateo and Holy Cross School. Tracy had to go back and so some more calculations and get the plans for the work he is doing in San Mateo towards waste water gardens and composting toilets. While he was doing that Maureen and I dropped off a huge bag of donations to the school and brought some things for the sewing room. Then we went to order gravel for the project at Caribbean Depot.

belize schools
Heading to Holy Cross school and San Mateo
belize school
Dropping off donations to Ms Grace at Holy Cross school office
belize schools
Donations for Holy Cross Anglican school
san pedro belize
Donations for the sewing room
volunteer belize
Dropping donations off to the sewing room
building in belize
Ordering gravel for San Mateo at Caribbean Depot
waste water gardens
Soakaway and septic tank plans


5 thoughts on “Almost Wanted

  1. tacogirl says:

    Lol at getting out more often TakingBelize I just wish he would get groceries delivered 🙂 They sew uniforms and bags there among other things, think they may do alterations and they sell jewelery as well. The sewing room is cool and worth a visit.

  2. TakingBelize says:

    WOW…kind of scary and funny at the same time. Poor Tacoboy, he needs to get out more often.

    I didn’t know they had that large sewing room at Holy Cross. Are they sewing clothes for the kids at San Mateo?

  3. al salter says:

    Well there are possibilities. According to their most wanted list he could be Eric wanted and there is a 100K bounty on his head. But there is the beard. That could easily be shaved. But then there is also Glen. And his fondness for narcotics, or Robert who chews tobacco. Either way I would turn him in, collect the funds and move to Paraguay. But that’s just me:)

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