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Airline Tip

Here is a super useful Airline tip for travelers from Gadling in their travel tips in 100 words or less section – Clear your browser’s cookies before booking flights online. The article says by doing so you will likely get better prices.

After Sunday’s power out it was a good reminder to get prepared and make sure that I download coast to coast shows on external hard drive and laptop , portable DVD, player and rechargeable light are fully charged. Due to the length of the power out I also decided it was time to get us a treat that I have been wanting for a long time – an old school Matel hand held electronic football game. Anyone who knows “my love for sports” would think that an strange thing for me to purchase but it was a childhood toy my brother and I grew up with and something I am sure tacoboy will enjoy. I also ordered some tech geek stuff – two cables so we can connect out phones to our lap tops and back up our phone lists easier. Our current method of dyslexic me going through both phones and copying info into notepad has been useful and so far so good. The cables will be super handy – I prefer to know I am copying info as is and not potentially scrambled ha ha.

I have ordered from eBay & Amazon in the past an had it shipped here but the lovely guys at the post office that open every package made me think about trying a different option this time around. I placed my order through Rob at Mail boxes Etc. He used MBE credit card and I paid cash which I found very handy. He ships stuff in weekly from a Miami based shipping address and you pay by weight for what you order. My stuff cost me $22.95 USD from Amazon and my total was $78.50 BZD. Considering what international shipping would cost and adding in the duty charged at the post office on top of that I thought it was reasonable. All I will have to do now is go pick it up – no opening my stuff and scrutinizing what it is or how much duty I should pay. Rob said because of when I ordered my still will be here by April 6th – stuff that arrives by Thursdays in Miami gets sent to Belize for Tuesday delivery.

Speaking of the post office Miss Dianne called me yesterday to let me know I had a package – I was wondering what it could be and then I remembered that it is likely my tacogirl jewellery from Sofa City. I am wondering what they will charge me this time. Keeping my fingers crossed it is reasonable and going to ask Rob about his Miami address as a future option for this as the stuff is light. Got some new floral jewellery pieces in the works for the tacogirl line from my Belize pictures – so exciting. I will let you know as soon as they are up on her site.

Town was great – sun came out for a bit and I got my jewellery. So pleased with it.


Classic Football Handheld Game from Mattel
Classic Football Hand held Game from Mattel
Original OEM Set of 2 Data Cables for LG Neon GT365 + DBROTH Cloth
2 Data Cables – LG Neon GT365 + DBROTH Cloth
Rob filling out shipping details for my order
Rob filling in shipping details for my order
Breakfast, BBQ & Live Music with Russel Hume at Estel’s Dine by the Sea
10:30 AM

8 thoughts on “Airline Tip

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Dianne, I never thought of it either but it makes total sense after reading that clearing cookies article. Glad you like the blog.

  2. Diane says:

    I like the “clear your cookies”…never thought of that. Great tip! 🙂

    Also the jewelry is great…fun stuff.

    This is a great blog. For those of us who can’t get there right away, it’s the next best thing….thanks! 🙂

  3. tacogirl says:

    $22.95 usd for stuff and the total $78.50 was bzd or 39.25 usd.

    I did not do the math on mailing those to items here but I recently asked an eBay seller how much to ship a small hand held electronic backgammon game here and they wrote me back and said $25usd – crazy.

    I wish I had my game right now I would be playing it ha ha.

  4. mysteryboy says:

    TG……am I reading this correct? Your merchandise total came to $22.95US and the total, incl shipping came in at $78.50US?????????? Holy moly!

  5. Remo says:

    Yes, they certainly open packages here UNLESS you know somebody at the post office like I said and work something out in advance. You know how Belize works by now tacogirl:D


  6. Remo says:

    I hate dealing with customs and getting around high duty payments as well.

    My sister has a good system though. When my sisters mother-in-law ships stuff for her from Ohio she has the package shipped in the name of either one of two friends she has working at the post office here. Her friends clear the package (unopened) and charge a minimal fee (usually less than $20BZ for any size package).

    I think I should start using her system more!


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