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After the rain

I am so pleased – Harold saw yesterdays post about Alan’s rain boot donation and he left comment about how he going to ask his friends for donations so that the San Mateo Empowerment project can get more rain boots for the crew – how cool is that. With 40 workers – to much water in the area and a lot of heavy lifting – having the right tools is very important. I also have a status update from Eric – The rest of The money Heather raised which was a donation from Exotic Caye Resort for the road building party has been put toward repair of the wheelbarrows that are pretty much now non-functioning- in order to get more guys back out on the road working- and to repair a flat tire on the stone-hauling cart. He posed that question to the workers, and the result was unanimous – they needed to get their current equipment repaired in order to keep working on the road.  Heather was pleased to hear that. The San Mateo Empowerment Project is such a worthy cause and can use all the assistance they can get. Please consider helping out – in addition to rain boots the guys can always use more wheelbarrows back support belts and shovels. I will leave you with some pictures [see below] of what our street looks like after yesterday mornings rain from Tropical Storm Karl – back later. 9:00am – I have been all over the map this morning between pet walking – emails – blogging – working on fundraising – making connections with clean water people [please cross your fingers on that one] – I finally settled on doing some research for my October Carib Pro Article in the Special Features Section. I got word from Susan today that she was interested in my pitch on a going green story about San Mateo – I am so excited. This is one of my favorite ways to fundraise.  It’s like fishing – toss the words out there and see who bites. One day we will have to get everyone who has helped to come down and make a big party to celebrate getting the job done. Question – I am looking for any information on the origin of the saying Hand Wash Hand. If you have any input on this phase your own interpretations included – please leave comment. 10:35 am I took a break from work to get ready to go blog something in town this aft and just as I finished washing up it started pouring rain. I am crossing my fingers that it will be held over to tomorrow and for a good deal on a waterproof shock proof camera. 11:35 all outside plans are held over till tomorrow yay. I am happily working away and listening to coast to coast. Very interesting guest last night – Caltech physicist Leonard Mlodinow discussing his recent work with Stephen Hawking on the grand design of the universe.  He talked about Hawking’s theories and the latest research in physics that were used to answer two big questions – where does the universe come from and why are the laws of nature what they are? 12:20 the rain has stopped and sun is trying to make an appearance – I think it is time for a break from my lap top for a while. 2:35 Lots of big white fluffy clouds out there and the ski is a nice light blue. Looks like the weather is trying to stay clear for Trivia tonight at roadkill – 7pm. 4:04 pm – Great News Alan just emailed saying he has shipped the boots UPS  to Tim Tam and they  are guaranteed to arrive In Amarillo Texas by Wednesday.

Rainy Season Belize

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

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