homemade creme brulee

A Unique Gift for Someone who Has Everything

You know how exciting it is to find a unique gift for someone who has everything on an island with not much for shopping? Super exciting.

I thought I would end up gifting my old faithful present Dairy Milk Chocolate, but the plain one is Pedro’s favorite, and I know I can never go wrong there. I started out by buying the mid-sized one at Mermaid store and figured I would hit couple of stores to try and make sure I got a good one that did not have that ‘old chocolate’ look. That is all too common here, from being hot and cold. I was glad to find a giant sized one at the Green House in town, but still had my thinking cap on for something better. Suddenly, it hit me. Me and a new local resource – our foodie friends Jane and Bruce that recently moved to Ambergris Caye.

I knew if anyone could help me solve my gift giving dilemma, it would be Bruce. He and Jane do “Mmm, taste this food” blog. I popped Jane on Facebook messenger, one of the top 3 phone chat apps (especially here in Belize). She immediately helped work it out for Bruce to do a short notice order and make Peter’s favorite desert, crème brûlée.

That definitely qualified as a unique gift and Pedro gave it 2 thumbs up, which is a high compliment from him. I have to say, Bruce’s cooking for me is like one of my favorite novel based films, Like Water for Chocolate. He has an expressive magical style to his cooking and everything I have tried that he has made so far has been fantastic. That is no exaggeration either, last night I saw the looks on peoples faces and heard the comments of those that tried Bruce’s crème brûlée. Thankfully Pedro was willing to share, though I would not have blamed him if he kept it all to himself – it was that good.

Like “Mmm, taste this food” Facebook page for some mouthwatering food pictures and simple healthy recipes.

giant dairy milk chocolate
Old faithful in Peter’s present world – picture courtesy of cake central.
jagermeister bottle cake
Jagermeister bottle cake flown in from Belize City.
homemade creme brulee
Cake time and Bruce’s award winning crème brûlée
jagermeister bottle cake
Notice one crème brûlée missing? As soon as the tray touched the table Pedro started enjoying his present.
mmm taste this creme brule
Two thumbs up on Chef Bruce’s crème brûlée. 
pedros pizza san pedro belize
It was a fun party and the bell was rung many times over the course of the night.
pedros pizza belize
That led to lots of laughter helium fun with friends.
beer pong in belize
For some Beer Pong was the fun party game of the night.

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