A funny story about shopping in Belize by Tacoboy

Last night the Midtown Violets [Karen Waldrup and Ashlee K Thomas]  were continuing their Spring in the South Tour and played at Pedro’s Hotel. Tacoboy was helping them get ready for the show that morning and they said the one thing they needed was microphone stands, so he set out to make that happen.

It is not uncommon for people here to shop by phone, send the money to Belize City or put it in the businesses bank account and have what ever they just bought flown over on Tropic Air Cargo. Usually this works quite well but the following story is a funny account of what happened to tacoboy when he was shopping from one of the regular Belize City stores that Pedro’s Hotel buys things from.

So we need 2 microphone stands for the girls playing on Friday night, and 2 new microphone cables also. I call the store in Belize City to find out how much for those items so we can write a cheque and send it by Airplane. I get that all done and sent over, and call them to make sure they got the cheque and to see what time we would receive the stands. They tell me the 11:30 flight over. Just after noon I call Tropic Cargo, nothing had arrived, so I check back with the store. Their courier had gone for lunch… finally at 4:00 pm the stuff shows up. At about 4:45 I was putting the first stand together and realized that it didn’t have the little plastic thing at the end that actually holds the microphone on it. I open up the other box and no bueno – it’s not there either. I had Felipe call back and the girl says ” emmmm, that part is sold separately” – maybe they could have told us that in the morning! He asked if they could get 2 of them on the 5:30 flight but no good… so I spent the next hour running around trying to figure out who I could get a couple of them from. Luckily Derrick Banos had a couple of extras so the show could go on in the end as you can see from the following pictures I took.

4 thoughts on “A funny story about shopping in Belize by Tacoboy

  1. Imagine says:

    THESE PICS WONT OPEN LARGE WHEN I CLICK ON EM, GLAD U saved the day, opps caps sorry

  2. Dr Al says:

    Belize version of Murphy’s Law in action. You could have used duct tape and wire to hold the mic’s. Adapt, improvise and overcome.
    Just sayin’

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