Love FM Christmas Parade

A Funny Chipped Tooth Parade Story

Last Sunday marked the annual Love FM Christmas Parade. As always it was packed, lots of fun and there was much behind the scenes chaos.

If you want to walk a parade in San Pedro this is a good one to do because it is night time and generally a bit cooler. This year I opted to do the fitness version and accept my trainers Sara and Greg’s invitation to join them in spot number 11. Carole and Rob who workout with them as well, also decided to join the fun. On behalf of Have Fun Stay Fit (HFSF) we were candy elves for the night. Our mission? Not to use our muscle and throw candy and take out the crowd 😉

Challenged Accepted and accomplished.

Hurry Up and Wait

Of course finding our place was easier said than done. HFSF crew found it very funny how long it took us to turn the corner of the beach road and get on pavement. I had forgotten my disco light chargers at home and I had enough time to walk across town for them, hitch a ride part way back and still not miss a thing – island life on Belize time 😀

Moving Right Along

When the parade finally started rolling, Sarah gave Carole and I the sweet treats to hand out. Never give taco a big bag of candy; I will eat it. 😀 I immediately gave it to Rob and just took smaller portions to pass along to the kids. Of course in addition to handing it out, I was a bit Homer Simpson mmmmm candy.

Unfortunately that led to me chipping my tooth in the middle of the parade.

Instantly I sprang into action and texted Dr. Julio Lara. He answered me right away with an 11:00 am offering and estimated $120 – $160 to fix based on my description. How cool is that, that you can be in a parade and get an off hours answer from your Dentist?

Back to the Love FM Parade

The Saints were behind us so we got a great live show the whole night as you can see a glimps of in the featured image above. While the Saints were doing flips Carole and I were doing squats, lunges, standing Frankensteins and much to my dismay jumping jacks. The Ambergris Caye Rotary was ahead of us; they were also handing out treats and ended up pushing a cart near the end of the parade route.

Afterwards the park was packed with people for the Foreva Fancy Fashion show. It was not long before we all decided to call it a night. Greg and Sarah wanted to take their equipment home and Carole and Rob scored a ride to AJ’s. I opted to head for home and get well rested before my dental appointment.

Ambergris Caye Belize
Many people in the crowd were taking pics and video
Love FM Christmas Parade
Have Fun Stay Fit group
San Pedro Belize
Lots people came out to see the Parade

A Pleasant Surprise at the Dentist

The next morning I left my house at 10:45 to walk over to the dentist and still managed to make it there a few minutes early.

Dr. Julio was ready to see me as soon as I checked in and upon examining my tooth he told me it was going to be less than his estimate. I was done in 15 minutes, no needle required and the cost was $80 BZD. My visit was quick and almost painless – mild discomfort.

All those pre-dentist butterflies for nothing 😀

Belize Dentist
Dr Julio Lara at Ambergris Hope
Ambergris Caye
Nice landscaping and golf cart parking lot in front of Ambergris Hope Clinic

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