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A day off (almost)

I was very happy to have a day off and no plans to go anywhere – that did not last long as I suddenly found myself making plans for the live music and Friday night buffet at Wet Willy’s.

I just finished hanging laundry and noticed I was feeling a bit out of sorts like a cold or something is trying to take hold so I am taking a shot of mms and lime juice and going to go couch surf with Oprah.

Power went out while we were on our way to Wet Willy’s so we arrived to a dark bar full of people. We got to see jelly fish light up in the water – apparently they are not supposed to be here till April but warmer waters could be the cause for early sightings.

We ended up putting 3 tables together we had so many people – everyone enjoyed Rawhide (the band) and the free buffet which was pasta meatballs and tortilla chips.

Saw a small squid in the water on our way out – stopped in the park for tacos on the way home.

5 thoughts on “A day off (almost)

  1. tacogirl says:

    I wish you were coming too Gial.

    Thanks Midnight.

    Jake never been to Club Med,I decided I wanted to be in an environment like this more than 2 weeks a year so moving was a better option.

    Jack do not think I will make it to Bc’s today, maybe I will run into the gang another day. I am working on feeling better thanks.

  2. JB says:

    Get you some Zicam and Coldeeze to get rid of that “cold coming on” feeling”. They are zinc based products and work extremely well.

    My daughter Melissa, husband Eddie and whole family will be at Ambergis later today and going to BC’s. Look for the group with 6 girls and one boy if you go over that way. They will probably be with Roger.

    Hope you feel better.

    Jack Brannon
    Atlanta, GA

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