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A call for help…

Juan PabloSome of you have likely seen this already on the Ambergris Caye message board, after reading ERJPilot’s post about how Pablo the papusa lady’s son needs help I pm’d ERJ and asked if he wanted me to post on blog to help spread the word. While I do not know the family well I can say I have enjoyed many a meal at Waruguma. Just imagine how difficult this it must be to having your 14 year old son suffer an aneurism out of the blue. Below is ERJ’s call for help – he and his wife have gotten to know the Flores family over many years of traveling to San Pedro and they are stepping up to help raise money for their friends in need and remember lots of drops fill a bucket of water.

Pablo had an aneurism Wednesday morning and was taken to Belize City to the hospital. I have been trying to get info and finally got a hold of Oscar on the telephone. He told me that yesterday morning Juan Pablo was getting ready for school and had a seizure and fell. They took him to a local doctor who promptly got him to the Government hospital in Belize City. He had a CAT scan done and it showed that he has a deep aneurism in the brain. He is conscious and stable but needs surgery in Guatemala as soon as he is well enough to travel. The good news so far is that he has not had any more seizures since yesterday and there has already been a doctor that flew in from Guatemala to evaluate him. Please keep Juan Pablo and his family in your prayers.

I know things are tough for all of us in this economy but for those of you that are able and willing to donate a few dollars, I have created a paypal donation account for the family and can be accessed at the following link. Or you can send paypal money to RipperAJ[at]yahoo[dot]com or go to this link…

Paypal donations for Juan Pablo Flores

I am an airline pilot and am able to travel down to Belize city and give the Flores family the money personally.

Adam and Jennifer Ripper

Juan Pablo Flores and Family at Waragumas

Juan Pablo Flores and Family at Waraguma

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