San Pedro Belize beach pictures

3 month Anniversary

Shout out to Courtney who just passed her 3 month anniversary on Ambergris Caye and is well settled and loving every minute of it.

Congrats girl so glad we met – You win the prize for biggest Perez Hilton fan in San Pedro.

I will leave you with a slice of her vision on “Living the Dream” – Capt Jeff



Coral ledge

Crocodile sunset

Everyday Bliss

Happy homes

Catch of the day

Lot’s of fish

My fish

Nice catch

Sun rays on Coral

4 thoughts on “3 month Anniversary

  1. tacogirl says:

    wangbu that was a big catch for sure

    carolyn lauren and britty cheers for checking out courtney on tacogirlblog

  2. Britty says:

    Heyyy Courtney! wowowowowow! It’s sooo pretty there! looks like you’re having alot of fun!Here it’s very…..cold. Or should i say FREEZING! I’m going to Stokes soon. Or as some people know it as NJSOC. Hearts forever! <333

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Courtney:
    Karen (Gracie’s mom) and I were just talking about you today and when I got home tonight, I received an e-mail from you! We were wondering how you were. . . you look great to me. Lauren asks if you have seen any mermaids– She wants to know if you think they are real!
    Carolyn and lauren

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