belizean reef beach front condominiums in belize

3 day Technology Break in downtown San Pedro

Last week I decided it was time for a break so I made plans to check-in at the beach for a 3-day health retreat. I chose downtown San Pedro because it really does have some of the Best Resorts and Hotels in Belize and I wanted to be walking distance of everything and I also wanted to remember what it was like when we first came here. Which is why I picked Belizean Reef Suites. It is a great central location and right next door to the apartment we stayed in when we took our first trip to Belize.

belize condimuniums
Belizean Reef Condo’s
beach front condos belize
Belizean Reef

These next two are a great illustration of how our view made us fell in love with Ambergris Caye. While Paul did not stay the whole time with me, he did come and appreciate some tech-free downtime and a good reminder of why we moved here. We both appreciated the beach view and how relaxing it was to just sit on our large veranda in front of the Caribbean Sea, watching boats and people pass by is very meditative.

belizean reef beach front condominiums in belize
How could you not fall in love with a view like that?
belize beaches
A picture from the yard if you need further convincing

Our condo was great, very clean and spacious. We had a nice big living room and a good-sized kitchen, not that I was planning to cook much. The bathroom had room for 2 and a nice big shower. Our bedroom had a nice comfortable bed lots of storage space and since it was facing west, it was nice and dark in the morning. Perfect for sleeping in which is a hard thing for me to do, these days my internal alarm wakes me up around 5:00 am. This still happened but the difference was after I got up and snapped a few sunrise pictures I was able to go back to bed. I also noticed by the last day I was waking up a little later – a sure sign my beach retreat was doing its job.

belizean reef beach front condos
Living room was roomy and comfortable
belizean reef condos
Kitchen was a good size and stocked enough to cook
belizean reef condos belize
Comfortable bed and lots of storage space
belize condominiums for rent
Good sized bathroom

I mentioned earlier I was not planning on cooking which is another reason I picked a downtown location as I had everything I wanted within 5 a minute walk from Belizean Reef. That is another fun thing about staying on the beach, a few friends dropped by to see our temporary oasis. Mary was the first one to visit and check out the place. We decided to do a quick shop, I wanted to fill up the fridge a bit and Mary needed some veggies to go with the chicken dinner she had decided to cook and deliver to a few of us on the island. I hit Island Secret for their rotisserie chicken and hummus, easy tasty vacation food. Next came Greenhouse for cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes and Mary got green beans. We also enjoyed an afternoon cocktail at BC’s beach bar which was a stones throw to the left of the condo.

belizean reef beachfront condos
Belizean Reef parking
downtown san pedro
Short walk down the road to grocery stores, bars, restaurants and more
belize shopping
Greenhouse has a large selection of fresh produce and all kinds of good groceries
belize restaurants
Island Secret great rotisserie chicken, hummus and tabbouleh salad

On day two Dick stopped by to enjoy the view and we decided to go for water, fruit and junk food first. So we headed down the road and around the corner to Save-On grocery store, just past Tropic Air. Our snack list included pudding, cookies, cheese, Ritz crackers, juice, hot nuts (I love Mexican junk food) and 2 gallons of water. After that, we hit the fruit stand on the corner and got some sliced cucumber, mango and watermelon. We were all set to go back and enjoy a good buffet and watch some beach action.

shopping in belize
Save On near the airports
belize shopping
Good sized selection by San Pedro standards
restaurants in belize
Fruit stand and H&L restaurant both good pit stops

Even though I was on a technology break, I took lots of pictures and will do a couple more posts with sunrise and sunset pictures. I also got some good rooftop shots. They have a great deck up there.

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