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Online phone top up

Thanks to Ruthie I am trying the phone top online option. She started using it so she could top up their phone while back in Minnesota to keep their number active.  It was easy enough to register and you can add 3 numbers – I did mine tacoboy and tq. Waiting for confirmation email which I just found in junk mail – so it was not on Belize time after all.  Somehow when I tried to log in my account was disabled lol so now I am waiting for customer service to help fix the problem. They did score points for a very fast reply.

Paul and I were doing tag team chores today. He went and got the letters from our new landlords to change the power and water to our name but was not able to actually to it because he hit the closed for lunch roadblock. Mary1220 was dropping stuff off in Tammy’s cart so I hitched a ride back with her to complete our errands. We waited out the time till everything opened back up at hummingbird.

While I was at the bank I got a text from tq saying she was here and at Playa Lounge. She met me and we walked to the water company where I proceeded to have a very confusing conversation about water hook up. It is already there and we just need to change the name – but they want to go send a service guy out to make sure we can get city water hook up there – go figure. I tried to get them to call Rick and Ann who own the building but that did not work.

Tq walked with me a bit to catch up then Capt Jeff came along and I caught a ride the rest of the way. Got a busy night ahead of us going to borrow cart from Pedro get keys to new place – meet Mary12120 and hopefully TQ for a quick hello then come home and start movign stuff to our new place.

For all you folks coming down for Blog Fiesta Captain G’s (right across from tropic air)  is giving us a cart deal – I will be sending out an email shortly with details on that and some new updates.

8:02pm We just got back from hummingbird happy hour – had such a good time that we could not leave. In addition to mary1220 Shuffles RLD and Jean were there and it was so good to catch up with everyone. We also met Wolfgang and TQ came by with her crew came by to say hello before going to dinner. Oh how could I forget Don Doug and Zac were up on the veranda outside jamming.

We came back home to eat our homer simpson burgers that we got across from save-on so we could get uop the stamina to take a load over to the new place.

p.s. Been a busy week for the school blog did my 3rd post this afternoon – a new update on the community march that took place Wednesday. Click here if you are interested to read it. Was so excited the school blog got 70 views yesterday thanks to everyone who is checking it out and learning more about Holy Cross School.

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6 thoughts on “Online phone top up

  1. tacogirl says:

    They told me it was fixed too by email but when i tried to log in again it would not work so I wrote back again and asked them to reset my password – will what they say to that.

  2. Ruthie says:

    Funny, I got “disabled” too right away, too. When I called, they said they would call me back when fixed. They never called me back but it was fixed within 15 min. Hope it works out for ya.

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