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25 Random Things

On the Blog Fiesta invite post housesitter left a comment and tagged me to write 25 random things about myself also been tagged for same a few times in facebook so here goes…

41 years old
Tested for high cholesterol twice
Weight 121 – last weighted today
Love dark chocolate
Never had a drivers license
Gone Fishing with Capt Jeff today – pics to come
Did not want to join brownies cause of the uniform
Thinks afternoon naps are divine
Do not like overly spicy food
Usually wake up around 6 am
Left bicep develops bigger than right
Fav color is blue
Do not like to cook
Love to eat
Right handed
have at least 4 books on the go – easy for me to start a book but not always to finish one

Will have to finish that list later home Dick Just turned up for fishing and Capt will be here soon.

Capt Jeff was a one man fishing machine today and he caught the bulk fish with a bunch of mutton snapper and a couple of jack. We all enjoyed a delightful boat ride – always a fun time on Capt Abel’s boat. Afterward we stopped at Hungry Monkey for our subs and poems by Freddy Nunez.

Much harder to come up with 25 things than I expected – as you can see I am still leisurely filling it in. Had our first drive by shout out by LA and Klcman this afternoon. They were on their way into town to eat.


  1. I read your blog a while ago before my first trip to AC. I just returned from my most recent trip Sunday evening and find myself missing it badly. I guess I was missing it so badly that I decided to do some research and again ran across your blog. as I was looking at pictures I realized that I also had taken pictures of the captain cleaning fish at the very same time you were there. Not that that some great event but it made me realize how very small the town is and also gave me the feeling of some sort of connection however small. If you would like to see the pictures I would be happy to send you a link.

  2. Hi Sarah – small world. I would definitly like to see your pics you can check my profile for email. Was great finding this comment today definitly an interesting connection. 🙂

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