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23 facebook updates

11:14pm – working late and just about to wrap up and shut my lap top down but decided to check my email first cause I kept seeing facebook updates pop in while working. I just deleted 23 of them sight unseen. Sometimes I want to shut my facebook email notification off lol. Lets here from you… who has email notification on and who doesn’t? Do you find some days you get flooded with updates?

p.s.  Kelly in Mexico is asking for help to get the roaming gnome to Cancun please to Travelocity site and click to vote. Cancun is at 39% and Jamaica 46% – so close.

p.s.s Got first electricity bill for a full month period $169.40 – usage for the month was 350 or 12 kwh/ day. We were both very relieved – you just never know we have heard so many varying prices that people pay here monthly. Now the challenge will be to see how low we can get it.

palmtreesPicture by Dan and Kathy Furlotte

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