lobster festival 2012

2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest Kick off party

We had a blast at the El Divino restaurant  annual kick off party last night. Sadly tacoboy got held up at work and could not come till later, we were texting back and forth and told him it was ok as I had 21 dates 🙂

Between our table upstairs, Zac and Tanya drumming downstairs, the bar and the outside party with DJ there was no shortage of people watching. This years party was even more packed than last year and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I missed Cowboy Doug and Leisa doing the Y.M.C.A as our food was being served – yum. 3 cheers for the staff who did not get to catch a breath all night and had been running since last night with Prom being held at Banana Beach.

5 thoughts on “2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest Kick off party

  1. Haw says:

    Arriving tomorrow in San Pedro. Can’t wait to try all the Lobster dishes. Hold my Passport for me and 3 others.

  2. al salter says:

    Would like an application form for one of those lobster passports please. What size photo is needed? Are they available for non commonwealth citizens?Do I need a guarantor? Can the issuing authority be outside Belize? What is the fee ? Thanks much.

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