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I received an email from Dave this morning with a very particular question.  I wrote back and asked him if it was ok to post his question on the blog and see if someone out there has an answer for Dave.

Hi, I have been to Belize a few times.  One time in 2007 I had heard about a place within driving distance of Hopkins.  It was some sort of former plantation, but not sure of this detail with an “eccentric” owner and if you called ahead and if there was room you could go and have a sit down family style dinner with them. Is there anyway you could ask around and see if this still exists?
Thanks for your help.

[Also looking for any good information on Hopkins area if you have something to share please leave comment.]

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6 thoughts on “Hopkins Question[s]

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Dennis,
    That could very well be it, I’m not 100% sure but will check it out next time I’m In Belize. I also got this reply from Lan Sluder


    That’s a new one on me. The only thing that possibly might be it is Stonehaven, a large house up on a hill on the Hummingbird Highway not far from Billy Barquedier national park, owned by William Bowman. I think Bowman patterned the house after a family house in Scotland, and he wrote a book. I have no idea if he does dinners for the public, though.

    –Lan Sluder”

    I will also check that out.

    Hi Sharon, Thanks for the Info. I’ve been to Hopkins a couple times and think it’s great.

    And Thanks tacogirl for your help.


  2. Sharon Hiebing says:

    I betcha along the Hummingbird or Southern Highways, which take you to Hopkins, you could pull up to any Belizean’s home and ask them to cook you a meal and they would if you paid them. That’s how hospitable they are, and unfortunately how eager for money too.

    I know I’ve heard about a program that pairs travelers with Belizeans and they stay in their home a night, eat a meal, etc., but not sure of the details.

    Hopkins is very quiet, Dave. After about a 10 minute drive down a long road from the Southern Hwy, you can turn left or right. Mostly the village has people’s homes, little stores, shops, and restaurants (nothing too fancy for the most part, unless you’re at one of the nicer hotels/inns).

    One street over is the beach, with more shops and restaurants. The ocean is gorgeous. Of course there’s all sorts of different types of accomodations, from fabulous to simple.

    It’s a very quiet and simple village, populated from what I saw mostly by the Garifuna. Hope that helps.

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Wtihout Rose-Colored Glasses

  3. al salter says:

    Laurie: This has nothing to do with your usual drivel 🙂 but did you know that 20 years ago today it became legal for women to go topless in Canada? I feel in honour of this momentous event that San Pedro should take the lead and all women should celebrate accordingly. Please take lots of photos. Regards……AS

  4. Dennis says:

    Hi TG,

    Does he mean “Miss Emma’s” near Sittee (Haney Farms, 523-7001 for reservations, day before). Found on Drew Travers’ blog April 4, 2011(traversbelize.blogspot.com).

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