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2 Tickets to Paradise on SEA’S d DAY

I was so excited to get a day on the water to one of my favorite places; the backside of the island, for some high-quality relaxation time. When I got the message the night before, that I could bring a friend I knew I would have no trouble finding one. At the time I had two great short notice choices in close proximity. Sandie won the first pick by a millimeter because she and I already toured the boat together and I told her if I get a “plus one” it will be her. She almost jumped at the chance but between checking into the Sunbreeze Hotel for a hot date with her hubby the next day and a bit of work, her plate was full. Fellow boat lover and longtime friend Jack was an instant “yes”. The crew for the day was: Alex, Sonia, Monique, and last but not least Elito and Rebecca who personally welcomed us for the special press tour – i Travel Belize, San Pedro Scoop and San Pedro Sun. They shared a bit about their vision of wanting to do something unique and highly enjoyable and wanted our feedback. I would definitely say they hit the mark. Houseboats are a very cool way to travel. That day it was combined with excellent staff, family, great fellow writers, and yummy food. What more could a girl ask for? I am giving the crew a fabulous 2 thumbs up and there are many reasons why. A few of my top ones: golden crispy fritters, 2 kinds of fresh-baked cookies and cupcake brownies, fajitas on the upper deck grill and fresh-made specialty virgin and alcoholic beverages. 😉 But there was so much more…..

  • A trip to one of my favorite places – off the west side of Ambergris Caye.
  • A cool collection of floaty and other toys on their tour.
  • Impeccable service the whole day from Rebecca and her kitchen crew turning out delicious food and drinks to Elito making sure I found my waterproof camera after I pitched a header in my kayak.
  • Did I mention floaty toys? They even had a small air compressor to blow them up – very impressive. Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of floating. My friend Cindy and I recently laughed at how we have been waiting for years (since 2008) for someone else to bring the toys 😀 when I was showing her the houseboat video.

Since it was already a workout day for me and I did not want to get wet because it was a bit cold, I opted to kayak around the thankfully small island. I caught up with Jack part way down; he had paddle-boarded to a nice mangrove shallow for a quiet moment in the sun. As I kayaked around the island I thought about the ancient Maya and how they traveled around these parts. I imagined all the “treasures” that might be found on the small island. I was also reminded of years past when a friend and I used to run races on the sandbar at that very spot. It was so much fun because one of us might have been in the lead then all of a sudden a foot sunk in a soft patch of sand causing either of us to pinwheel in a fit of laughter. As mentioned above I ended up being a picture drunk tipsy taco and getting wet. Elito happened to be going for a walk in the gorgeous shallows at the time and stopped to help me bail the kayak. Before long it was time to hoist anchor and head south. Such a great water party it is nice to finally have an option to get to the sandbar again. This Tropical Houseboat Tour is truly your ticket to Paradise.

tacogirl Tip #3
A floating camera strap for your waterproof camera is always a worthwhile investment. So is actually using it, as I should have done that day. If you are wondering if it is worth it to go for a waterproof camera? As much as I use my cell phone for everything, I love a great rugged waterproof camera for vacation and weather. I highly recommend microfiber beach towels too,  I have got so many compliments on mine. Don’t forget a functional and stylish looking beach bag to put it all in or a secure dry bag for speedboat type tours.

About SEA’S d DAY

Wanting to bring locals and travelers a unique new San Pedro Tour Experience, Seaduced by Belize owners Rebecca and Elto, did their version of “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” as they went to Arkansas to see one, then raced to Florida to buy the houseboat. After getting it back to Belize they raced to remodel and turn the boat into something welcoming and stylish with their own personal stamp. The 58 footer offers an HGTV worthy decor inside including a full-size kitchen, big barbecue, upper deck, and a 90 horsepower engine. Available water activities: kayaks, paddleboards, floaty toys, and water slide. Public tours maximum is 30 people. Private charters 40-50 capacity. Click through on SEA’S d Day link on the Seaduced website for more information and pricing. Email me at for the coupon code to save 10% on this or any other Seaduced by Belize Tour. To see what others have to say about SEAduced by Belize; click here. And now for the good stuff

San Pedro Tours
Boat Charter Belize
Our journey was as good as the destination
Seaduced by Belize
Chicken fajitas and delicious drinks for all ages
Tropical Boat Charter
Fritters. chocolate brownies and 2 kinds of cookies all fresh made
Boat Charter Belize
Playing at the sandbar
West Ambergris Caye
Houseboat chill-out

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