Small appliance shopping in Belize

belize city lighthouse

Of course we got caught up in food pics and shopping, so it took a while for us to to get to the vacuum report Barb has asked for. While we were at Mesa Cafe  the other day, I remembered the vacuum pictures were on my phone. (Check out Trip Advisor reviews for Mesa Cafe here.)  I had gone to ... Read More »

My last 3 meals in San Pedro

best keylime pie in belize as of aug 2014

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest so even though I was just about to cook dinner,  when Barb messaged me they were going to town for a drink, snacks and did I want to go, I was happy to stop watching the Great food Truck Race and go eat. I figured cooking a big breakfast plus snacking ... Read More »

A Caye Caulker needle in a 64 gig haystack

caye caulker belize aerial picture

During the course of my recent reformat, I was faced with backing up 64 gigs of pictures to my external hard drive and second copy on my flash drive collection. While in the process I needed to make room for my  2 2013 picture files to fit on one 16 gig drive, as a result I found myself in sort ... Read More »

Unexplainable tech issue and San Pedro Help

alcoholics anonymous san pedro belize

Please excuse the big while space where the front page slide show should be on my homepage. Somehow during a recent update and site work it got disabled  and we are trying to figure out why and how to fix it through online support. Unfortunately we realize that if it is a recent update causing the trouble, it may have ... Read More »

Belize National Song competition 2014

talented belizean artists at the belize national song competition 2014 memorial park belize city

With The September celebrations just around the corner, Belizeans have been preparing for a colorful month of parades and dancing. One of the most important activities leading up to the seemingly endless festivities is the National Song Competition put on by the  the National Institute of Culture History, Atlantic International Bank and National Celebrations Commission. It sets the stage for ... Read More »

Spice up your Belize Vacation

belize tourism board

A while back I got an email from Gabriel, he found me on Trip Advisor Belize Travel Forum while doing some research for an upcoming trip to Ambergris Caye He went onto say that his group really wanted to see the blue hole, but don’t want to take a 2.5 hour boat ride and did I know if tropic air ... Read More »