Coral Gardens

Today we are sailing to Coral Gardens on the Tradewinds boat to snorkel and do a bbq lunch I can’t wait. We have to be at the BYC dock for 9 am. I am waiting for the store to open so I can pick up a few extra things to fill our cooler. We had the best time on the ... Read More »

Steel Drum Band

Just waiting for Paul to get ready. We are going to stop by DandEs for a treat then head out to meet Paul and gang at Crazy Canucks. Stacy told us there is going to be a steel drum band tonight and I am looking forward to hearing them. Later that night…. Frozen custard at Dandies was great as always. ... Read More »

Wet Willys

Had a great day got some important paperwork dealt with. We are off to Wet Willy’s now for Friday buffet and live music. Stay tuned for more…. Wet Willy’s was great as always. Lots of friends there good food and the band was rockin. I played poker dice with Stacy, Simon and Jim when he was done for the night. ... Read More »

Pay to Stay

We had to do immigration thing today. We pay $100 bzd a month to stay here. It used to be $50 but we have not left the country in the last six months so it got bumped up. We let a bit later than usual to go there and ran into Wharfrat along the way (sorry Ricoman did not have ... Read More »

Live from Pedro’s

At Pedro’s for bowling night. I was glad to get out for a bit, had a bad headache when I woke up which is rare. The kind that sits in your forehead and around eyes not fun. It lasted most of the day and I did not go to tai chi, just tried to sleep it off. By 4 pm ... Read More »

Doing Day

Today was a doing day. I had something to mail, so we stopped at the post office, then we went to perk for a coffee and planned our errands towards getting our paper work and being official here. We had to go see if our police report was in, we did not see our names on the white board list ... Read More »

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