San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Zippy and Warrior Girl do Bacalar Chico

Bacalar Chico is the buzz around town, I will be posting more information after the meeting tonight at the Lion’s Den.

For now I will leave you with a tale of 2 girls and their Bacalar Chico Experience. (If you have pictures and a Bacalar Chico story to share please feel free to submit to the email address listed in my profile)

The trip with Searious Adventures to Bacalar Chico may be the best I’ve taken since I moved to the island 6 months ago. We started by cruising up the lagoon side, past so many little uninhabited islands and stopped at the small museum/ranger station. Not sure how they did it (particularly since our captain was driving with his big toe some of the time) but we then made our way thru an incredibly narrow canal surrounded by thick thick thick mangroves. The water seemed to be about 2 feet deep and at some points, you could just about touch Mexico and Belize at the same time (or at least a Mexican and Belizean mangrove leaf). On the other side, you meet the open ocean…the reef actually touches the island a few miles south and it’s really an incredibly sight. Huge deep blue waves crashing on the coral…boat ride felt a bit like a roller coaster at times. That may have been my favorite part. We stopped on a deserted beach to BBQ (there are miles and miles of them up there), snorkeled at two of the most incredible sites I’ve seen anywhere, enjoyed a few rum punches and came back to town. Loved it. Our boat captain, Willie, knew the history of the island inside and out.

I hope to bring everyone that visits me in my new country on that same trip…to the same untouched, uninhabited, beautiful reserve. Hopefully that remains the case!

Story by Zippy
Photo’s by Warrior girl

Please go to Save Bacalar Chico post and show your support on this issue.

Zippy and Warrior girl’s cousin and brother

Mangroves at Bacalar Chico

Searious Adventures

Searious Adventures

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