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Wacky Weather Worldwide and a Weekend Massage

Wacky weather is a worldwide phenomenon right now, between the news and people I know in various places I have been learning a lot about weird September weather. For us here in Belize it has been par for the course with alternating heavy rains and sunny periods, for others, it means a wide range of things from Airconditioners to UGGS.

Montana Weather:

Gotta love our weather…
It is currently 85 and sunny…HOT out.
Note the Winter Weather Advisory from Midnight tonight until 6amJ
Ha Love it
Goodbye summer…hello fall

Source my Montana Weatherman on Sept 8th

Calgary Weather:

OMG, the weather has been horrible!! A ton of snow on Sept 9 and 10th and it’s still freezing!! We’ll be there from Nov 21 to Dec 8. We’re doing some stuff on the mainland in the middle but to begin we’ll be at Grand Caribe from Nov 21 to 27 and then probably back there from Dec 4-8. At least that’s what we’re planning. I haven’t booked it yet. Glad all is well at Mango. We’ll have to visit sometime.

Francis told me to check out the Calgary Herald gallery of “snowtember” pictures. The Herald sent a call to their readers for photos of the fallout from this week’s snow and they responded in force. After looking at the gallery, I was reminded of how glad I am that we made our move to Belize – It will be 9 years this January.

Source our Canadian house owners.

Fall Weather 2014: Polar Vortex to Visit Northeast; South at Risk for Tropical Hit:

As fall 2014 takes form, no relief is in sight from the historic drought and the raging wildfires in the West.

While the West undergoes another period of heat and dryness, the Southwest, South, and Texas will experience a soggy end to 2014. Rain Radar also in place in place for eastern parts of New Zealand. For the Northeast, blasts of winter-like air will arrive early this fall, serving as a reminder of last winter’s brutality.

Early September snowfall blanketed portions of the Rockies and High Plains this week, while treacherous floodwater stranded commuters in the Southwest.


Weekly Weather Wrap-up: Snow Blankets High Plains, Rain Inundates Southwest:

As wild weather unfolds across the nation, the tropics will also ramp up, putting the eastern coast of the United States at the highest risk for a direct impact.


Belize Weather:

On Ambergris Caye we have a reprieve from the recent heavy rain, it got hot and sunny for a couple of days. Yesterday was perfect weather to get paraded on our way back to the Mixology Course and today we are enjoying with cloudy and scattered showers.

Crossing your fingers for hot and sunny weather on your vacation? Read more from Trip Advisor forum members advice on the Best beaches in Belize.

Lime trick and learning how to free pour with Fermin Cho’c From the Belize Institute of Mixology.

Yesterday I had plans for getting a massage with Jack and was just about to rinse off my mud mask and walk over when I discovered city water was down. Luckily in the amount of time it took me to de-wrinkle my apron and dress, the taps were running.

Jack did give me a great deep tissue massage and was really able to zero in on a few knots that needed releasing. I experienced a few excruciating moments but never used the stop signal. I also had a few ticklish moments and part of my therapeutic release was laughter, Jack said that was a refreshing change. We have both seen many intense releases while working on people – you never know what will come out emotionally during a treatment if anything.

san pedro spas
Feeling peaceful after a much needed deep tissue massage

Here is a Belize Real Estate tip inspired by our wet weather: I often talk about doing due diligence in regards to real estate, and this tip applies to that theory. There is a lot of low lying ground on Ambergris Caye which can lead to large pools of standing water. If you are planning on buying land or an already built house, visit in the rainy season to see if properties need to fill and what the drainage is like. The land across the canal from us puddles up pretty good as you can see in the picture below.

belize real estate
The low ground on the canal, a seawall and fill would be beneficial for that lot

The following slideshow includes getting paraded in Boca del Rio, Day 2 of Mixology class, and lunch at Rain rooftop terrace.

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