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Luxury Island Vacation – Victoria House Belize

We got VIP treatment all the way on our recent stay at Victoria House. Having learned from our mistakes the last time we went – this time I booked us in for a Saturday so there was less chance of us getting delayed by work. Even though they have free wireless we decided to cut the umbilical chord leave our lap tops at home this time. Soon as we arrived we donned our white robes and relaxed a bit before heading off to the infinity pool which was mere steps from our door. After a nice swim it was time for more r&r before our 7 PM dinner reservation at Palmilla. As we were leaving our suit to go for dinner – I told Paul to stop a second and feel the tropical air. Because we live on Ambergris Caye it is something that we sometimes take for granted but one of the things I always loved the most about vacations. Many resorts and hotels on the island have awesome views of the ocean, but he lush tropical setting of Victoria House grounds and the fragrant tropical air as we stepped out the door set the tone for a perfect romantic night. At Palmilla – we were in heaven. Everything we ordered was like a work of art on our plates and tasted just even better than it looked – see below photo gallery for our food recommendations. We joked with the wonderful staff about needing a wheelbarrow to get us back to our room. A nice stroll along the paths brought us to the sunbeds by the infinity pool and we decided to stop and sky watch for a bit. Paul caught sight of a shooting star and we saw the little dipper & Orion’s belt. We enjoyed our luxurious weekend getaway so much that we found it hard to leave Sunday Morning. At least I can say thankfully we were only heading down the road a bit and not to the airport ha ha.

Appetizers Camarones en Hamaca – garlic sauteed shrimp and heart of palm over pan fried plantain slices with a lime ginger and tomato caper sauce Crispy seafood cakes – chipotle beurre blanc, black bean and roasted corn succotash Main course Bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese and sweet peppers, with pineapple and habanero salsa Pecan crusted Caribbean lobster tail, coconut rice, drawn lime garlic butter with grilled veggies Dessert Molten Chocolate vanilla ice cream and sliced bananas – takes 25 min. to prepare so this one needs to be ordered at the start of your meal The chef also sent us a taster of lobster with a honey reduction on garlic mashed potatoes.

6 thoughts on “Luxury Island Vacation – Victoria House Belize

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi pc not sure if they would share recipe you would have to write them and ask. As far as rum punch lots of people here at this time would probably be easy to ask if one of the message boarders would being back some pre-made punch from the rum cigar store.

  2. problemchild718 says:

    Hey there. LOVE VH! Everything from the wonderful smell of the foliage as you traverse the drive to the awesome food. Do you know any way they might share the receipe for the scallops and fish cakes appy.? I’d like to surprise a friend with it and a rum punch as a gift. Heck I’d even pay to have it shipped to the States! If anyone can get it done, its you!

  3. jobelize says:

    I am very glad to see that you and paul are making time for each other…just the two of you…we tend to get hung up on busy life and forget to take the time for one another (our partner)…I am glad you two keep the bonding we time in life…good going guys…hugs jo

  4. tacogirl says:

    Hi J.B.

    Ramons has a good snorkeling spot at the end of the dock – they are making at artificial reef and coral is starting to grow there. Playa Blanca up north is somewhere that offers boat from what I understand. As far as places closer to town you will get some that offer Kayaks and there are specific spots you can kayak out to the reef and tie up while you snorkel.

  5. J.B. says:

    Is it possible to snorkel off the beaches there, or does one need to take a boat out to the reef? If a boat is needed, can you recommend a good small resort that includes the boat in their accomodation rates?

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