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The Ref Wore Sandals – Hockey in Belize

If you know me well, you know I register pretty low on the scale when it comes to following most sports and although I am Canadian, Hockey is no exception. However, I found myself over the years at my cousin Susan’s games cheering her on from Peewee all the way to Princeton. She was good enough to get a Hockey Scholarship.

As with my cousin, I went to the final game of the “Hockey Night in San Pedro” tournament at the San Pedro High School more so for moral support and to crowd watch. I was surprised to see so many fans of hockey in Belize out to support the event. In regards to the skill of the game, while I get a general idea, I guess if I was not so busy taking pics, capturing video messaging a few my closer friends a shirtless goalie pic I could have followed a bit better 🙂 Thankfully to organizers Vic Murphy and Paul DuVille for a more skilled technical game coverage below. I did reach out to a visiting player and 3rd main organizer, Roger Dey as well. Understandably after their big win, he is still having fun with his team on Ambergris Caye and was unable to share his two cents at the moment. 

Hockey In Belize

Because I do not play favorites, I took the other team goalie picture too. At least I think I got a goalie from each team because one was shirtless, I really have no clue without asking 😀

Vic Murphy

Belize welcomed two Canadian Hockey teams who traveled from Toronto on Wednesday, November 28th to take part in the 2nd annual Coconut Cup Tournament hosted by the San Pedro Buccaneers hockey team.

A warm welcome at San Pedro Air Terminal was the order of the day when the Town Boards Sports Representative, Kent Gaboural (fondly known as Bob) presented the visitors with gift bags and ice-cold rum punch.

Two days of settling in (with a drink or two) saw the commencement of the tournament late Friday afternoon. The games were opened by children from the Island Academy School singing the Canadian National Anthem immediately followed by children from New Horizons School singing the Belize National Anthem in different languages including Garifuna. Both renditions were superb and brought a lump to ones throat.

There were 4 teams in the Tournament, two from Withrow Park Hockey Club in Toronto and two from San Pedro Town consisting of roughly a 50/50 mix of Local Belizean and expats now residing on Ambergris Caye.

The Canadians clearly were a force to be contended with having been in several tournaments including four International events within the past 12 months (all of which they won!) As we went into battle, the visitors did not disappoint, winning both of their first two games convincingly.
We had to re-think our strategy, perhaps load them up with copious amounts of alcohol before the games the following day!!

Saturday, December 1st saw the second and final day of play at the San Pedro High School Auditorium. The event again was opened by Island Academy singing O Canada with the SPHS band playing the Belize National Anthem with flute (recorders) and guitars. Again the renditions were very impressive.

A ’round robin’ of games occurred throughout the day with varying scores culminating in a decision to select the best of the Canadians versus the best of the Buccaneers. Winner takes all! It was brutal with a determined effort by both sides in this fiercely contested rivalry. The atmosphere was electric as both sides battled with both teams scoring in succession. But there could only be one winner and sadly for the Buccaneers the visiting Canadians continued their winning streak and in doing so retained the coveted Coconut Cup.

The presentation was made by the Buccaneers Coach Paul DuVille amid rapturous applause from all present. So ended the dreams of the Buccaneers…….until next year!

Our guests along with several members of the Buccaneers spent the last day of their visit relaxing on a boating trip to the west of Ambergris Caye in the sun and on the sandbanks.

The Tournament was a roaring success made possible by all those participating in various roles both on and off the court, and by those who supported the event financially and otherwise.

Our thanks go to the RC Elementary School who allow us to use their facilities to play and practice throughout the year and the San Pedro High School for permitting us to use their auditorium for the event. Special thanks to Rob Burrows from Crazy Canucks Bar for giving up his time to perform as Master of Ceremonies. As ever he gave a sterling performance.

The San Pedro Town Board were once more extremely supportive in helping to make the event happen and a big shout out to the children and staff of the New Horizons School, the Island Academy children and staff particularly teacher Claire who was ably supported and encouraged by Shirlee Arnould in teaching and directing the Canadian National Anthem. The children of the San Pedro High School playing their various instruments were very good led by their music teacher Mr Alex. I would also like to express our thanks to Dan and Aiden from Reef Radio (TV) for giving us the airtime to promote the event

Events like these have many financial impacts including the purchase and replacement of equipment, all of which are used freely throughout the year by local children and adults alike. Often it has been necessary to purchase playing shoes for those wishing to play but unable to afford the necessary footwear. The same applies to team shirts and so the list goes on. It is only because of the very generous support of local businesses that the San Pedro Buccaneers were able to put this tournament together for the benefit of the whole community.

Our thanks to the following for their generosity:
Lily’s Treasure Chest Restaurant & Bar, Wayo’s Beach Bar, Caribbean Villas, Sandbar Beachfront Hostel & Restaurant, Caye Casa Boutique Hotel, Lola’s Bar & Grill, The Truck Stop, Paco’s Tiki Bar, Island Dream Tours (YOLO), Estel’s Dine by the Sea, Caye Coffee Roasting Company, Belikin (Bowen & Bowen), and Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar.

The final thank you goes to all the spectators who came out to support, cheer and applaud. It made for a fantastic atmosphere.

The intention is to grow this tournament year on year with more teams entering from different Countries. If anyone would like to join the San Pedro Buccaneers (it is free) and enjoy the social camaraderie whilst keeping fit as well as having fun, just look on Facebook and search for ‘Hockey Night in San Pedro‘. Just ask to join the group and we will happily give you the details.

Scores and Player Stats
Paul Duville of Caye Coffee supplied the scores.
Game Visitor Score Home Score
1 Canada1  7 Belize1 1
2 Canada2 5 Belize2 0
3 Canada1 3 Canada 2 3
4 Belize1 9 Belize2 5
5 Canada2 5 Belize1 2
6 Belize2 3 Canada1 6
Champ Belize1 2 Canada1 4

Scoring Leaders Team Goals/Assists
John Mosel #20 Canada2 6/4
Mike Stairs #24 Canada1 6/2
Chris Short #25 Canada1 5/3
Jamie Ward # 89 Belize1 5/2
Larry Cobb #22 Canada1 3/3
Chris Rollins #6 Canada2 2/4
Paul DuVille #55 Belize1 3/2
R G Santoya #11 Belize2 3/1
Bryce Peterson #21 Belize1 2/2
Kevin Lowther #9 Canada2 2/2
Lance Hornby #14 Canada2 2/2
Spencer Jimenez #14 Belize2 2/2
Roger Dey #26 Canada1 2/1
Jeff Reed #33 Belize2 2/1
John DiCostanzo #5 Canada1 1/2
John McNeil #21 Canada2 2/0
Kevin Healy #18 Canada1 2/0
Scott Guiliani #9 Belize2 2/0
Steve Adams #23 Canada1 1/1
Joey Burandt #8 Belize1 1/1
Eduard Vasquez #17 Belize1 1/1
Nile Duppstadt #13 Belize1 1/1
Nathan O’Brien #00 Belize1 0/2
Salvador Caliz #18 Belize2 0/2
Lenny Abramowicz #2 Canada2 0/1
Vic Murphy #10 Belize1 0/1
William Oliva #66 Belize2 0/1
Ben Sept #4 Belize1 0/1
Jovi Ico #88 Belize2 0/1


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