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The fun has just begun

For all you folks who wanted to be here this weekend but can’t the fun has started. SJ and Bruce came by to say hello, always nice to see them. Just as they were leaving SS and her friend Donna did a drive by. Will hook up with Bill, Becky, Lydia KC and Laura later tonight at Canucks. I guess I better bust a move and get out of my nightgown ha ha.

Paul just came back with snacks it is late (1:30 am) and I will get back to finishing this post over my morning iced coffee.

Back to blogging, also chatting on the coconut phone to friend in Canada and one in Colorado and Carole. Before going to Canucks Carole picked us up and we went for tacos in town, it was nice sitting in the park. After that we made a quick stop at the tacoshack, Keli dropped by cause we happened to see her in a cab and off to Canucks we went. When we arrived I heard Dennis Wolfe from the parking lot he was announcing Gringos gone Wild party today. How Cool is that?

Zac is back and he came out to play. We all had a great time and closed down the bar which was a first for Paul and I at canucks, unfortunately at the end of the night we found Bill and Becky’s cart was munched on the right side. It was th metal part that holds the passengers in that got damaged and we are all pretty sure it was the cab parked there that did it. we could tell by the tire marks in the sand.

Gailtor just popped me and told me everyone was in big chat so enough rambling for now going to go there.

SJ and Bruce

SS and her friend Donna

Dcg talking to Buzz and his friends

Dcg and Simon

Simon Bill Maya

funny pick by SJ part of me and Simon’s butt ha ha

Bill Maya me

Paul Becky Bill

Gang at Canucks

KC jayhawk and Laura

Taxi munched back end of Bill and Becky’s cart

Moving cart so they can back out

Munched metal part

As usual who do we see on the way home??

One thought on “The fun has just begun

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes sure looks like the fun has begun.
    Taco, thanks for posting, we are having a grand time discussing your blog pics in Chat this morning. Can’t wait to hear more details about some pics

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