This page contains useful and fun travel gear I have purchased. Not only have I enjoyed using most of the items on my trips, but many also get used for daily life as well. To see items that were recommended to me, please visit my Travel Store page.

First off is an item I cannot live without now that I bought a couple, microfiber beach towels. I like them so much I bought two solid sets for both my bathrooms, perfect light quick dry towels.

Quick Dry Microfiber Beach Towels

Below are the 4 cameras I currently use the most. The first two, Sony Cyber-Shot I like because they are ultra-slim. I bought the hot pink one to upgrade my black one because it is waterproof which is a big deal in Belize. The Olympus Stylus Tough is also waterproof and very rugged. Olympus TG-870 Tough Waterproof Digital Camera with the accessory bundle is one of the newer models that came out since I bought mine. The Black Nikon Coolpix B500 (link is to red color option with accessories) was a replacement for my Nikon Coolpix L340 (includes accessory kit) which I gave to my friend’s son. There was nothing wrong with it, I just upgraded because I saw my moon pictures on Facebook with the B500 and it made me want to upgrade and pass along some good camera karma by gifting my old one. I also bought this cool pink flexible silicone Sony Carrying Case for my Cyber-shot DSC-TX20.

My favorite walking shoes – Swiftwater Crocs. I know what a few of you are thinking – “those big clunky funny looking things”. Well think again; these are all stylish, super light and waterproof – perfect for basic travel sandals and you can wear with a casual dress. I have both multi-tone and standard black in these ones.

The Sanrah flats with the silver or gold circle are even a bit dressier. They also come in wedge heeled flipflops with a beveled circle edge or embellished flip wedge. I have both the slip-on flats and the wedge flops.

Next comes some completely random tacogirl must-have items. You might be questioning coconut opening tools as travel accessories but when you live in the tropics you never know when you might want to tap some fresh coconut water on your travels. Or you could go with my friend Aimee’s favorite travel beverage – Starbucks ready brew Italian roast coffee. As for the disco light, it is always fun to be a portable party and I have lit up peoples lives with it many times in many places – worth every penny. The flashlight below is battery powered. I use AAA Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries another must-have item for tropical life. I also have several portable USB disco lights – another favorite of mine. The best one being an actual disco light flashlight, I had some much fun with this in the jungle at night.

When I am out and about, I charge my usb disco lights with my Duracell portable USB power bank, my Halo portable charger or my or my Random order portable power bank charger. All 3 make it super easy to have your disco party anytime anywhere. All disco lights also have a regular white light option which makes them handy as a back up for power outages. The cat-eye sleep mask is great for sleep while traveling. I also have a panda face sleep mask which is fun on plane travel.