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Tacoboy’s 24h SUSPRISE party

As of last Monday, the picture below was the only real clue tacoboy about his 24h surprise party and he was baffled by it. As far he knew he was having a party at Victoria House with an international DJ and 900 people on the guest list.

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Not long after his Facebook invite and picture clue went out, Paul was at work and got a call from Maya confirming reservations Cindy had made under Pedro’s Hotel. The cat was a little more out of the bag, now he knew we were flying somewhere and that he had to bring slogger shoes just in case.

This post is going to go up in a few stages for a couple of reasons, lots of pics to edit from our fabulous 2 day party and the internet is acting crazier than I have ever seen it in our 7 years here. Apparently BTL has monkeyed around with the settings and all kinds of stuff is our of whack between Firefox, Chrome and IE.


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