Surviving Covid-19 in San Pedro Belize

Bad Things Happen in Threes

There is an old wives tale that says “bad things happen in threes.” I am only half superstitious. If a black cat or a pandemic crosses my path I will just focus immediately on being great in spite of what comes my way. Like my instant income loss.

This has been the case since Coronavirus hit Belize.

As for my three bad things, it all started with a chipped tooth on Saturday night. Being that we were on total lockdown for the second Sunday (of three) and not able to leave the house, I Facebook messaged my main San Pedro dentist Dr. Lara and asked him if he would be available on Monday to see me. Thankfully I got an instant yes.

Next came Sunday and bad thing number two. Had I known this was going to happen I almost would have, stayed in bed. Thankfully I didn’t because it was laundry day. Also extremely thankful that my sheets made it through the wash cycle ok. Not happy the next load did not as my washing machine quit.

After unplugging, replugging, and trying different settings it was Google to the rescue – almost. I immediately worked out the possibility my hose filters needed to be cleaned, unfortunately, that was not the issue. My machine just sputtered and tried to do its job but could not make it. So I added it to the list of chores and stayed hopeful it can be fixed and find a repair option Monday.

Washing Machine repairman Ambergris Caye

I have to be honest as Monday morning rolled around I was not thrilled to have to see a dentist that was located inside a (generally busy) doctors office, however, I had already decided to trust the situation as soon as it happened. Sure enough, they did a great job, the door was open and welcoming. I barely had to touch a thing just a knock on Dr Julio Lara’s door, my body on the chair, and my hands were comfortable resting on myself. I was in and out very fast at a cost of $60 BZD. Thank you again for the fast easy service, Dr. Julio.

Reach Dr Julio Lara at +501 627-0176 by text call or WhatsApp or call the office at 226-2660.

Doctor and Dentist Office Ambergris Caye

Back to the washing machine. After my friend Davide helped clean the hoses and throw some sand debris out, it still was not working. I posted on a couple of FB groups to see if anyone had a similar circumstance as chances are a few have the same washer if they bought it on the island. I got a few replies about the inlet solenoid valve, pump, or water relay. Both Franco Tursi and Kate Corrigan (Keller Williams) also reminded me that David Sosa could help me out. He is on WhatsApp +501 624 2874 in case you need a trustworthy mechanic, he installs solar.

Thankfully he was able to diagnose it down and check a few parts with his spare bits. After working out it was my water intake sensor, he used some alcohol to clean it and got the machine half working, but it just was not quite there yet. So he is hunting down more parts and depending on what he finds he will be back in the next day or so to hopefully get it fully working again.

The thought of trying to unexpectedly buy a washing machine right now brings me mixed emotions. A new machine would be really nice, spending money and possibly having to get the same one I was never really fond of due to lack of choice – not so much 😀 Although I did get just over 4 years of faithful service out of it so I really should not complain. I know a few who do not have the luxury of a washing machine or a laundromat (closed).

As for the third bad thing, it was a toss-up, having dry spell worse than our current heatwave on tinder 😀 or seeing a cockroach in my kitchen. Click through to see my last Tinder Roulette fun. My dry spell did not last much past 24 hours so that had the roach take the lead.

taco tip #27 – Always keep some strong bug spray in your house. No matter how clean you are, this is the tropics and eventually, you will find a cockroach somewhere you do not want to.

I was glad I had some on hand. I sprayed behind the stove, around the fridge, and in the lower cupboards.

Government Plays Threes

Something else that also comes in threes right now and has very mixed opinions as to whether that is good or bad are COVID-19 Belize Statutory Instruments (SI) 55 is going to run out Saturday, April 25th. The AG (Attorney General) is live on the Government of Belize Press Office Fb page as I type this. He is telling us the laws from this Sunday 26th (essential outings only) to Thursday, April 30th evening, and as of May 1st, a new SI will be set.

Now we have to wait and see what our island Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) says in regards to the new rules that will happen until May 1st and then after the new proclamation comes out. Even though we were clearly told to follow the countrywide rules, they still opt to put their own in place. Although not in writing which makes things doubly confusing.

What happens and how strict or relaxed things get will depend on the next six days on both the mainland and for Ambergris is anyone’s guess. I know a few people are waiting to see how big a shoe will drop not only in May but after today’s Government-issued rules.

A small shoe dropped on our island today as it was officially announced San Pedro Lobster Festival 2020 is canceled due to COVID-19. This was a main low season draw for Ambergris Caye. Also in our island news, Elito Arceo was on Reef Tv this afternoon outlining an initiative they hope to get approved for fishing to feed people in need.

For more news, my last COVID-19 write up previous to this piece. Thanks to Seven Roberts, Donald Backman, and Michael Zinck who sponsored that write up. The tacogirl team greatly appreciates your support.

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I will leave you with a few shots of around town from earlier this week and last week starting with a quirky fun one. I have always enjoyed transportation here and how people make it work fitting big things on small vehicles.

Surviving Covid-19 in San Pedro Belize

Next comes an Atlantic Bank line shot.

Surviving Covid-19 in San Pedro Belize

I know just how much many of you are missing this view and are eagerly awaiting to start planning or rescheduling your already planned Belize vacation.

Surviving Covid-19 in San Pedro Belize

Everyone loves a good sunset, I am thankful this is pretty much my front yard.

Surviving Covid-19 in San Pedro Belize

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5 thoughts on “Bad Things Happen in Threes

  1. Richard D Noordyk says:

    Hi Laure,

    I enjoy your FB posts and getting them via e-mail will insure that I will not miss any. I have a condo at Grand Baymen that I lease out long term and I remember giving you ride in my cart on one of my previous visits. Keep up the good vibs and posts and I will give you a free Uber ride the next time I see you.

  2. Gary Hamilton says:

    despite all the caos this is still heaven and that won’t change…sun, sea, air and positive ENERGY…can you sat that where you are? We swat the virus du jour like a bug!

  3. Alan Slater says:

    Hi Laurie…….always a pleasure to read your e blogs. I am still alive and kicking after a bout of cancer. Glad to say that I have beaten it and am now completely free. I had to cancel my trip to the U.K. this year due to the virus conditions in Manchester and my home town of Bury. The worst part of the deal is that I will miss my brother’s birthday in June……93 and not a problem, whereas I am 6 years younger. We talk to each other through FaceTime about every fortnight. I got a voucher from Aer Lingus for my ticket, so my fare is paid for already. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next writings. Luvsya, Alan Slater.

  4. Mike Assar says:

    Hi Laure,
    I love your blogs and sad to hear about your problems. I own one of the units at Banyan Bay and it is planned for major renovation soon. There is a very new washer and dryer set that they cannot keep and were going to sell them. Let me know if you want them and I’ll ask my manager to help you pick them up.

  5. Paul Chaney says:

    Hang in there, Laurie. You’re a trooper! Thanks for sharing your story. Sponsorship coming your way!

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