Workout at Royal Palm Villas pool

Sunday Sunset

Did a mini pool crawl with Paul and the travel girls. We started with Capt. Jeff’s pool. Shannon & I got a great workout in. Thanks to Chunky and Ruth loaning us their weights and noodles, I was able to show her what our aqua-fit class is like. Next, we all headed off to Catamaran for a bit to eat, and of course, Jana was loving the pool and making friends with Lucy and Bella.

Lucky I was able to get in some tranquility time before dashing off to the sunset cruise and then Pedro’s. Mary 1220 and Libby just got in today, and we’re meeting up tomorrow if we don’t see her at Pedro’s.

As always, the sunset cruise was perfect – the Seaduced boys are always full of jokes and fun. They got us to the southern tip of the island just in time to watch the sun melt into the water and did a drive-by of two big boats, which was super fun because one of them was having their own party. We also got to see some electric blue jellyfish in the water. I figured out that waiting till after the sunset to start on rum punch works perfect – Becky’s trick was to drink beer instead this time around.

We all ended up at Pedro’s Pizza afterward for the annual “Boogie in Belize Tsunami Skydivers poker Tourney”. What a fun party. It was so packed and everyone had a blast, definitely a good people-watching night, as you can see from the pictures below. Small world band was grooving and got people dancing – worth buying their CD. I was checking my texts before TG got to Pedro’s, and sure enough, I got one from Lara asking if that was us on the boat. I thought I had recognized those curly locks earlier on our drive bye. Check-in with Chunky and Ruth for more – her Pedro’s party pics are now up as well.

New friends bonding
Sunset cruise people

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