San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Special Delivery

We were enjoying our usual morning iced coffee’s when Josimar turned up with a special delivery of elephant ears fro RLD – Yum.

Since last night I have been going through and cleaning up my computer so I can finally back everything up – a long overdue and very important thing on my list. For all the hours I have put in I am almost finished the folder of pictures from my old camera. That leaves 2 more picture folders and everything else. Hoping to be done by early next week – but thinking I may need a time-out in th before I hit the music section.

Took a break earlier to go meet Dick and Carole at Perk and I am ready for another one now – running out of steam and my stomach is telling me I need to stop and eat before going any further.

5:06 PM
I am back on my pezzi chair for a bit. It is it a couple of inches to low for my desk so I have to pay attention to what I am doing when sitting on it so my shoulders do not get hunched up.

Finally made it to second folder of pictures. I am wondering how other people sort their pictures. Do they upkeep as they go along and do deletes right away or do they have good intentions in doing so and let it slide like I did?

Elephant ears

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