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Posting Sunday on Monday

I was trying to find coast to coast am weekend edition and end up listening to a talk radio show about Big wave surfing with Laird Hamilton. His book Force of Nature is about the surfer’s philosophy on life and a revelation of his extreme health-oriented lifestyle. I came in at the tail end of the show so I decided to Google Laird and see what I found.

Here is one of a few interesting exerts from the page that is hyper-linked above…. What does it all mean? Hamilton says what matters is to find your passion and look inward. “If you look outward,” he writes, “all you’ll see is what other people are doing. You’re not other people.” – Pete Thomas I totally agree with that – it seems like people can get way to caught up in other peoples doing and they really would be much better off if they just focused on their own doing.

It’s a talk radio day on my lap top – I have moved on to Coast to Coast and listening to Eric Brende talking about how he and his wife [then fiance] gave up everything to like in a totally non technological ‘minimite’ community. He has a very interesting take on what life was like during his 18 month stay there to research and write a book. While Brende does not claim to be anti-technology – he does believe that if people were willing to scale back on Automobile – Television and Computer so many social and personal problems would be removed from our lives.

Art Bell who is totally into technology was fascinated listening to Eric and had a couple of interesting points in Brende’s favor….

  • Technology can cause the days to blur together. Living a ‘minimite’ life like Eric did can result in a more balanced life.
  • I doubt last thing you looked up on Goggle is what will flash before your eyes when the time comes.

Not that I plan on giving up technology anytime soon but it is a good reminder to get away from it more often.

Speaking of technology I have some big news for all you cellphone internet surfers…. I mentioned last week that I was in the works on something good for tacogirl [really it is tacoboy who was in the works on it after a good brainstorming session]. went mobile today and is now a smart phone friendly website. tacoboy tested it on his phone and it worked well. We both have lg neon GT365 and it shows all the text for us but only the front page picture and not the others in post. Can a few of you cell surfers check it out and leave comment on how it functions for you? Thanks in advance.

Next step is to work out if my phone is capable of allowing me to blog – or find someone who needs a product tester – after all we live in the perfect environment for that sun – sand – wind & water.


Fishing San Pedro

Caribbean Sea Belize

Fishing San Pedro

Caribbean SeaSmart Phone Friendly

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  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks on compliment and offer for help if I need it James – going to test the back end later and see if I can get in. Love the picture.

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