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I was up early (just before 7) and making my to do list for the day in my head. I decided that after having my coffee and uploading yesterdays pictures on the blog, I would make my way down to the school early and have plenty of time to come back and get school stuff ready to send to the news papers before meeting Colomojo. Some days just do not go according to plan and life sidetracks you in a good way.

Before I knew it time had got away from me and Paul said why don’t I wait a bit as he was meeting Paul H at 10 and I could join them. I decided that was a good plan – Carole popped me on the coconut phone so I asked her and Dick to join us as she was not booked till afternoon.

I headed out a few min ahead of Paul so I could stop at Milo’s and pay our electric bill – there was a long line yesterday and I am just not a line person -I am not the only one who does not care for standing in line as I met Capt Jeff and he was there for the same reason. I invited him to join us at Perk and he was up for it. When we got there Paul Dick and Carole were there Cindy and Paul H turned up a few min later and we all enjoyed chatting a bit.

Capt Jeff said if I was willing to wait a few minutes for Clarissa to come they would drive me to the bridge so we had a nice ride down the beach as the road is still under construction in Boca Del Rio.

I got all my stuff done at the school and was just about to start walking when Colomojo called and said she was leaving Caribe Island so we said we would just meet somewhere on middle street and keep our phones handy just in case – we ended up finding each other just after pirate pizza.

More later getting ready for Pedro’s.

So glad I am not a jager drinker as the bell kept ringing last night – nothing like friends letting loose and getting everyone drunk ha ha – I stuck with my cranberry. Played wii bowling with Boreas, Steve and Sharon. Carole and Dick turned up later and we went and got Homer Simpson burgers and ate them in the park.

Steps counted today 6968 – Aerobic steps 4565 -Aerobic time 42 min -Distance 2.20 miles


Andi-Lee serving up Capt Jeff’s round (he is not a jager person either)


Richard Cindy Paul and Sharon playing dj

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