Rainy Season Belize

Puddles the size of Whale Sharks

The puddles on the back roads are as big as whale sharks right now. Ok that might be a slight exasperation but many of them span the entire road making it quite difficult to overtake the Belikin tractor on my way to the pool, the moguls are very bad right now too. As much of a mess as the roads are, I still would not trade the rainy season in Belize for winter in Canada.

Last night’s Curry night at Pedro’s sports bar was delicious as always. I am still partaking in my birthday week of food gluttony and way too much. There was Chicken Tika, Shrimp Masala, Bombay Aloo, Chicken Madras, Shrimp Madras, Shrimp Vindaloo, Palak Paneer, Vegetable Korma, Goan Shrimp Goan Chicken, pickled carrots and onions, Garlic Nan and regular. Food was self serve and we all sat at the big table family style.

10 thoughts on “Puddles the size of Whale Sharks

  1. al salter says:

    How sad. I do hope you put 1.5 oz of Russian Standard in the coconut water. Better yet One Barrel. Why would you not wish to aid the stuggling Belize economy? Have you no sense of social reponsibility?:)

  2. tacogirl says:

    Actually tech trouble getting the best of me – since yesterday. Answered and comment never showed up now I see it came up twice since you made another comment [actually answered at least 3 times before one stuck] Sigh.. As for beer truck gone are my days of ending up at last call with 5 pitchers on our table – not drank one in at least 15 years. Wish Crystal had a coconut water tractor 🙂

  3. al salter says:

    You emphasized this point twice. Obviously puddles are an issue for you. The fact that you had difficulty over taking a beer truck raises the question of why you would want to.;)

  4. al salter says:

    The average whale shark is 25 feet long. The puddle in the photo is more like a large guppy. San Pedro residents tend to overamplify. However the record holder for Belize puddles was in 2007 on the Cerros Road.This is where they separate real Belizeans from the island whiners. It was 1/4 mile long and 50 feet across and 2-3 feet deep. To cross it required an H2 with locked rear axle 4×4 with fitted snorkel over the tailpipe. Still better than a Canadian winter.

  5. Maureen says:

    Yum yum yum! We had to have Indian food the other night after the postings of this gathering. It would have been better if we would have been at Pedro’s but at least I ate some good Indian food,

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