San Pedro Belize beach pictures

San Pedro Charm

It is the little things that set San Pedro apart from other places, and why I think so many people fall on love with coming here.

Walking home along middle street yesterday I stopped to take a picture of a couple of guys who were working outside btl office doing new signs. We got to talking and I mentioned how cool it was that they were doing the signs by hand and how a large majority of signs here still hand painted here in a world where everything has gone computerized. For me, it definitely ads to the charm of the Island.

Sign taped off and painted

Cutting Stencils

Store sign

Stationary store

One of our fav hangouts Island Perk

Ambergris Delight

Must have taken a while to line up all that text

Reef Radio

Elvis Kitchen has colorful sign

Run Cigar & Coffee House

Lino’s Meats

Brahma Blue

Castillos Hardware

Coral Beach Realty

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