San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Sale of the Year

They are well on their way to being set up for the big Sun Dancer / Moon Dancer sale it is 9:33am and already a good sized crowd is waiting to get in. Thankfully I get to avoid the line up on this one.

I spoke too soon about line ups as I forgot what check out is like. I made it through my second annual sale in one piece. Found a few shirts for tacoboy and I got a knapsack and some odds and ends.

After the sale I had some down time then we headed out to BC’s. – got to see Ernie which I was hoping for – chatted with Igamel and Kenmel a bit also CC, Ken, Martha, Jeremy and their gang – 2miles and Tona were there with their friends as well.

Afterwards we were invited back to dinner at Ken and Martha’s place – they have the cutest house just south of town.

Calm before the storm

Tons of stuff

Lots of good deals

A few more people waiting

Big sale

Setting up

Before the rush

Bigger crowd


From above

Waiting in line

Waiting in line

Jam Session – Belikin Bill on Harmonica

Nice boat

Dock shot

Alexis and I

Usual Suspects – 2 miles on drums

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