2020 was a very rough year for so many, and especially for SAGA Humane Society and its 4 legged residents. Adoptions, donations, and community education were at a standstill while needs got increased. Due to the pandemic and complete financial devastation for months in Belize, many families needed extra assistance to care for pets putting additional strain on our already strapped humane society. SAGA provided free vet service for 171 Island pets in 2020. The shelter also got maxed out on strays. With 60+ animals needing foster care or permanent homes and a cost of sheltering $2,000 – $2,500 USD per month, this organization needs our help. (Note that cost does not include regular procedures such as spaying or neutering, tests, vaccines, or any other standard animal treatments.)

Often animals that end up at the clinic, under the care of veterinary technician, and manager Ingrid Lima, are in a severe state of neglect. Suffering from one or more of the following: malnourishment, anemia, tick fever, heartworm mange, trust issues, and other health impairments. It takes a while for them to be rehabilitated back to good health.

If you want a fun volunteer job on your Belize vacation, set aside a few hours to give some much-needed TLC to the humane society animals. You can tell your pets all about it and show them pictures when you get home 😀 If you live here do it more often for social fun. There are lots of cats ready to play and the Ambergris Caye volunteer dog walkers are out on Saturday mornings.

Email me at tacogirlbelize@gmail.com and I can help you get set up or Facebook message SAGA to make arrangements.

Thanks to the following individuals and businesses that sponsored (the start of) this page along with a 6-month ad Package for SAGA: Judy Allen, Joy Quyle, The Baker, Dalke Design Group (Arizona), Jana & Matt Hill, and Maureen Schulz-Sowder. It also gained the Humane Society extra fundraising help in advance of their 80’s event at Iguana Juans Restaurant.

Be sure and stop by the Baker when in San Pedro for some of their famous, cheesy jalapeño buns, perfect for your next barbecue, or a nice sandwich twist. You will also find lots of yummy sweet treats for dessert.