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Realizations and New Locations

The other day I had a realization, when it comes to exercise I am like a snowbird. Many people do 3 – six months or as long as they can here during their cold months.

Right now we are experiencing a lot of rain and major cold front and I cannot bear the thought of getting in the pool to exercise, truth be told for the past few months. I decided to work with that and find an alternative to help me get my abs back and hula hooping is doing just the trick. I can keep it spinning for at least 20 minutes. I have also developed some stretches and other exercises with the hoop.

After exercising, I decided to take a desk job break today in favor of going with Dennis to Cg Esthetic and doing field work taking pictures. Dennis had asked borrow my phone to book a haircut with Carole, I told him  I would sort it out and knew I could probably find her on the coconut phone as she has wifi in her new location at Fairdale plaza. I booked the time and sent her a few pics from the Brad Pitt Channel commercial so she would know what he was looking for. The new shop looks great and she has some really cool things for sale in addition to the haircare products and barefoot sandals. Rob is doing these great lamps made from recycled bottles and beach bits. If you are looking for a new San Pedro souvenir for your house, these are definitely cool. She also has these really nice edible hibiscus flowers that go in your wine. They open up when submerged and they help the bubbles last longer. It was good catching up and I found out Carole’s Aunt Denise who tries to snowbird as often as she can is coming back for a month. Bet that is perfect timing for her I am sure it is cold in Montreal right now.

Fast forward to 7:00am the next day.

As  was editing yesterdays pictures I got to thinking how lucky I am that my cold, wet Tuesday turned into a dessert crawl with Dennis.

After Carole’s Dennis suggested we hit Kakaw for truffles and I was not going to argue. He was thinking we could each get one but I knew already I was doubling my pleasure. Asking me to choose between a dark chocolate truffle and chocolate covered honeycomb toffee was just not going to happen. Since we were already being bad, we decided to continue on and do DandiE’s for some more sweet goodness. I opted for black raspberry sorbet with a hot fudge bulls eye and he had Rum Raisin with special gravy.

Not long after we arrived it turned into a bit of a party, which is not surprising with Eileen behind the counter she always makes people feel special and adds spice to life. A couple of Twins saw the birthday section on the whiteboard and asked if there was a birthday special as it was their birthday. Eileen proceeded to clear the board and give Holly and Heather star billing, did candles on their custard and we all sang happy birthday.

What a great afternoon. Holly and Heather, hope your day got better and you found the chocolate mint body spray at the Belize Chocolate company. I bought bottle and was sharing it out at DandE’s, it is to die for and is definitely in my tacogirl top 10 souvenirs list along with Robs bottles.

14 thoughts on “Realizations and New Locations

  1. tacogirl says:

    Anytime, I like your people. Have you given anymore thought to being a youth representative on the Belize Red Cross board? I am starting to make progress on finding people to be on the board and would love to include you Nina.

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    You are breaking my heart there with the Cold Wet Temps…….yeah not so much. We have 60 degrees (15C) here in crime free Memphis and are running around in shorts wtih the top down.

  3. tacogirl says:

    There is a certain way of moving that once you get the groove Charlotte you can going. It is great exercise. also am practicing in case we ever get to organizing the who can keep it up the longest fundraiser.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Hula hooping for 20 mins? You go girl! The hoop ends up around my ankles after 2 seconds. Nice pics by the way.

  5. tacogirl says:

    Temp shows at 69.5 today Melissa. Most housed here have no heat option so when we get a cold front so while it may be not be subzero figures our getting warm options include, wearing more clothes, putting an extra blanked on the bed or baking something to heat up the house. Just hit 7 years here and do not feel in danger when I travel alone in Belize. That s great you get to come for a month.

  6. Melissa says:

    Hi. I am planning a trip to Beliz for a month starting Jan. 30th. I’m a bit nervous as I am a 44 yr old woman travelling alone. I have heard that Beliz can be a dangerous place. Also, I read your blog and am surprised to hear you say it’s been cold….how cold? Here in CT we are in sub zero figures so I know it will be warmer than here! Any advice, recommendations you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Melissa

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