San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Rainbow without rain

As we were walking down the beach we could hear the usual suspects singing how long has this been going on. Hearing them singing that particular song made me glad we decided to go to BC’s for a bit instead of staying home. Shuffles and RLD had a beach side table – different people kept coming and going through the afternoon.

Adam told us to watch for the rain that we head was coming this past weekend. He said he was checking satellite images and it looks like it still coming our way.

I was enjoying watching the clouds they were really big and fluffy. I could have just laid on a dock and stared at the sky – my pictures do not totally do them justice. Got to see a rainbow which was a surprise as it had not rained near us – I always consider rainbows a good omen.

p.s. I bet some of you are wondering how I am doing with my pezzi ball. Since it is a bit short for my desk I have not been using it for a chair as much as I’d like, but I have discovered it makes a great ottoman. When ever Alexis and his friends come by to visit, they also use it for extra seating to watch cartoons and Josh next door (still in diapers and learning to talk) was very excited to see a ball that big.

Rainbow to the right of dock



Like wisps of cotton candy

Fluffy clouds

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