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Quicksilver Messenger Service

With all the hurricane hullabaloo, I realized that our water bill went missing. Beto said he would check with the water company to see if he had given us a copy, but it must have slipped his mind as we did not get any word.

Not wanting to loose our water, especially with 3 buckets of laundry on the go, I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Dianne and Tracy at Quicksilver Messenger Service. I explained the situation to Dianne and asked if she could take an old bill there and help get us sorted out. They happened to be in town and were at our door within 5 minutes.

Hearing my conversation, Paul checked his desk drawers and managed to find the current bill, so I asked them to just pay what we owed. I did not have the proper change, so Dianne pulled out an envelope marked our names on it and put the cash and water bill inside. She said they would be back by noon with our change. Now that is quick and reliable service, and it leaves me free to continue on with my household chores.

Talk about quick, Dianne and Tracy came back with our change in just under an hour.

Quicksilver price list:

$5 per stop from Banyan Bay to the bridge
$7 per stop from anywhere past those points north or south
Same day receipts in town, by the next day for those out of town

Please note Quicksilver Messaging has added mailboxes so you can have a p.o. box address on the island and mail forwarding to their services.

Tracy and Dianne

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