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Puddle jumper for DCG

DCG and I made it to Ruby’s for a johnny cake and headed over to wait at the airport. She was off on time and I came home to get a few things ready to bring to the school. Shuffles and C are coming over at noon to pick me up and take a full tour of HC school.

1:25 pm
Latest news…

I have just matched a wonderful volunteer C for Cindy who we met through Shuffles (you likely saw her in the sunset cruise pictures) to the playground effort.

C is sadly leaving the Island for a short while and wanted to know what she could do to help the school. After taking the tour of San Mateo and the school today, she has agreed to get her youth group involved in raising money for that cause.

While here C has action packed her 10 days from taking a zillion pictures – helping on the trash can effort – taking things to a family in Toledo that she found by going there and showing a picture and asking if anyone knew that boy until someone said yes, taking time to visit the school and make plans to help raise money while away and so much more.

5:42 pm
Yay team just got word that Quicksilver Dianne secured the Casino to contribute to Cinco De Mayo – they are donating a 330 watt battery back up and saving the best for last… all proceeds from 13 game king slots for the month of May.

We have been getting more entertainment lined up too this is going to be one heck of a variety show. Casa Picasso Chris is going to do an mc spot Some of the Out of the Blue guys and Barrington and the islanders are up for one as well. Need more auctioneer spots filled up if you are reading this and qualified or know someone who is.



Go team

Enjoying the game


Future businessmen

A game of marbles over lunch break

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