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Potluck and Paella

Rode my bike to town to get a few decorations for the SAGA party tomorrow – after all what’s a pool party without extra floaty toys ha ha.

On my way home I stopped at Canucks for the goodbye potluck Lunch for Carol and Don. It was nice to see everyone and enjoy some beach time mid Friday. I got a chance to hang out and chat with Rick Tina and Ben.

pot luck party

Nancy Rick and Mike

Crazy Canucks

pot luck party

Delicious Potluck spread

Getting ready to go to Pedro’s soon – will meet up with Carole and ride our bikes there. Can’t wait to try Hugo’s paella heard he is a great cook – will have to make ti Aji one of these days.

We got a big surprise tonight Jack is back – we were not expecting him to hit town for a while. He had a funny story about his early return – he was working on something here and having trouble wrapping it up from afar so he told the person on this end that he would be there noon Friday to settle everything – of course they did not believe they would see him that fast (less than 24 h) but he hopped a plane and was in their office as he said he would be to straighten it all out.

Hugo from Aji

Hugo from Aji cooking up a storm

Meat and Shrimp Paella

Meat Paella with shrimp

Hugo from Aji

Seafood Paella with lobster muscles clams conch

Seafood Paella

I made my order half & half – yum

Paella night at Pedro's

Paella Night at Pedro's

Paella Night at Pedro's

Robbie Helda Kelsey and Jason

Paella night at Pedro's

Ben Phil Pedro and Jack

Paella Night at Pedro's

Gwen and Carole

Paella night at Pedro'sMike and Ann

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